Who Is Isabel Celeste? Mother Of Rosario Dawson

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Who Is Isabel Celeste? Mother Of Rosario Dawson

Isabel Celeste is the mother of American actress Rosario Dawson. She belongs to Puerto Rican, Taino, Cuban and African ethnicity

She is currently 60 years old. She is an American citizen of her nationality. 

Isabel Celeste and her daughter, Rosario Dawson.
Isabel Celeste and her daughter, Rosario Dawson. Source: Twitter

Married Life Of Isabel

Isabel is married to her husband, Greg Dawson. She shares a son with her husband, Clay

Her first daughter, Rosario, was from her relationship with Patrick C. Harris. 

She gave birth to Rosario when she was only 17 years old. She never tied the knot with Patrick

Isabel Lived In An Abandoned Building

Isabel became a mom to two children when she was very young. She was only 17 when she had her first daughter. 

She shared a son with her husband, Greg, and their life was complicated. 

She and her husband had difficulty raising their kids, but Isabel wanted to give them a good life, so her family moved to Manhattan, New York.

They had no one and lived in an abandoned building without electricity and water. 

Their front door was made of plywood, and that place was a complete mess. 

Isabel did all the plumbing, and her husband constructed the house and created a hike for their children.

Isabel Taunted The President

Isabel’s daughter Rosario opened up about when Isabel taunted President Obama. 

Rosario said she took Isabel to her movie Cesar Chavez screening in the White House.

Isabel was excited to meet the president, but only cast members got to meet the president, so she was disappointed. 

After the meeting, everyone came out, and the producer handed Obama a copy of the film as he couldn’t watch it with others. 

President Obama shared how excited he was to watch the movie and said he got the CD

Out of nowhere, Isabel shouted DVD. She taunted the president for addressing DVD for CD. 

About Isabel’s Daughter Rosario

Rosario is a professional actress well known for her portrayal in the 1995 movie Kids as Ruby

As of 2023, she has shown her appearance in the TV series Ahsoka as Ahsoka

She was born to her parents in 1979 and has her birthday on May 9. She has a half-brother named Clay

 Isabel Celeste's daughter, Rosario Dawson.
Isabel Celeste's daughter, Rosario Dawson. Source: Instagram

Is Rosario Married?

Rosario isn’t married yet, but she does have a partner. 

Rosario is queer by her sexuality, and currently, she is in a relationship with author Nnamdi Okafor. 

They started dating in the middle of 2022. Rosario opened up about her dating Nnamdi on Aug 22 as she posted their pictures on Nnamdi’s birthday. 

They are trying to keep their love life low-key, so they haven’t shared much about it. 

Before Nnamdi, she dated Corey Booker. She met him in 2018, and Corey instantly liked Rosario. 

He struggled to ask for her cell number but managed to get it. 

They dated in 2019 and were together for almost three years. They broke in 2022

She is a mom to an adopted daughter, Isabelle. 

Age and Net Worth 

Rosario is 44 years old. She has a net worth of $8 Million

Rosario Regret Not Going To College

Rosario started her acting career when she was too young. She got into the acting industry after she finished high school. 

She was excited about going to college and was trying to enroll when she got an offer for a movie. 

She was hoping to get accepted into Columbia, but she didn’t. 

However, other great colleges like Trinity and USC accepted her.

She finished doing the movie and thought she would get more movie offers and wouldn’t have time to go to college, so she did get enrolled. 

But things didn’t go as she had thought, as she got any acting offers for a year. She regretted so much for not joining the college. 

A year after her movie release, she started getting acting jobs, but she regretted not joining the college whenever she looked terrible.

Rosario Thought Of Adopting

Rosario has a daughter named Isabella, whom she adopted back in 2014. Isabella was 11 years old when Rosario adopted her. 

Most people don’t prefer to choose older kids because they want little kids, but Rosario’s thinking is different. 

She thought of adopting a child when she was five years old.

She told her mom that she would adopt a baby when she was young, and she would adopt an older child. 

The thought of adopting occurred to her at the age of 5 because that was the time when she knew that her father, Greg, was not her biological dad. 

Her stepdad married her mom when she was one year old, and he never made her feel like she wasn’t his. Because of that, she decided to adopt an older child when she was just 5.

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