Isabella Arroyave – Meet Daughter Of Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave And Edwin Arroyave

by Pragya Fri Mar 22 2024 Updated On Fri Mar 22 2024
Isabella Arroyave – Meet Daughter Of Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave And Edwin Arroyave

Isabella Arroyave is the stepdaughter of American TV personality and podcast host Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave. Her father is Edwin Arroyave

She has three step-siblings. She is an American citizen by nationality. Isabella is currently attending CLHS for high school.

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Isabella Arroyave with her younger sister
Isabella Arroyave with her younger sister. Source: Instagram


Who are Isabella’s parents? 

Isabella is the oldest daughter of her dad, Edwin Arroyave. Her dad works as the CEO of Skyline Security Management

Isabella’s biological mom is unknown, but she seems to have a very close relationship with her stepmom, Teddi Mellencamp

Isabella Arroyave father Edwin Arroyave and stepmom Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave
Isabella Arroyave father Edwin Arroyave and stepmom Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave. Source: Instagram

Is she dating anyone?

Going through Isabella’s Instagram page, we can see that she recently went to her high school prom. She was accompanied by Campbell Reese as her date. 

She posted pictures with her date and also with her friends. 

She was clad in a beautiful blue dress and white boots, and all of her friends were also wearing boots. 

Isabella Arroyave with her date
Isabella Arroyave with her date. Source: Instagram

How did Isbella’s dad meet Teddi? 

Isabella’s dad, Edwin, and her stepmom, Teddi, have been married since 2011

Teddi opened up that she started dating Edwin after they had their one night stand. 

She met him outside a nightclub where she was walking out, and he was going in. Edwin stalked her and then asked her for a drink. 

They danced, got drunk, and then ended up having sex.

She didn’t even know his name as he called him Edmund on the next morning. 

She thought she would just have a night with that guy but ended up sharing a life with him. 

Teddi and Edwin have so much love for each other and share three children together named Cruz, Slate, and Dove.

Isabella helped Teddi to become a mom 

Isabella was raised by her stepmom and her dad. Her stepmom, Teddi, loves her and treats her as her own, and they have a close bond with each other. 

Her stepmom often shares pictures of Isabella with her half-siblings, and they look really happy together. 

In one of Teddi’s posts, she revealed that Isabella was the one who helped her become the awesome mother that she is today. 

Isabella was very young when she met Teddi, and within no time, they bonded. 

Teddi felt immediate love and affection for Isabella, and Isabella completely changed her life. Since their first meeting, Teddi has been taking care of her. 

Teddi also wrote in her post that nothing and no one can break the love that she feels for Isabella

Age and Net Worth

Isabella is 16 years old. Her net worth is unknown, but her stepmom, Teddi, has a huge net worth of $16 Million. 

Her source of income is podcast hosts and Television. 

Stepmom‘s cancer diagnosis

Isabella’s stepmom, Teddi, was diagnosed with Melanoma. Teddi went through a hard time during her cancer journey. 

She was first diagnosed with cancer back in 2022. Teddi always had a spot on her back, but she never cared much about it. 

However, when her friend and costar, Kyle Richards, saw the spot, she insisted she go for the checkup. 

After that, she went for a check-up, and she was diagnosed with skin cancer. 

Doctors used everything on her skin, but nothing helped her with the spot, so she had to go under surgery to remove those spots. 

During her first surgery, the doctors removed many spots, but still, there were many, so she had to go through a second surgery. 

Her surgery was really painful. However, during her whole journey, Teddi managed to keep herself strong and kept going. 

She finally became cancer-free after her second surgery.

Isabella Arroyave stepmom Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave after her surgery
Isabella Arroyave stepmom Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave after her surgery. Source: Instagram

Struggle with fertility

There was a time when Teddi and her husband struggled to have a baby. The couple had some fertility issues, which made conceiving really hard for them. 

Teddi wanted to have her own children but was unable to conceive. She had to go through many miscarriages and then had to go through IVF. 

She gave birth to her two children through IVF, and it wasn’t easy at all. She revealed that it was really difficult and was unsure if she could do it again. 

Luckily, her youngest daughter was born through a natural process. 

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