Who Is Isabella Dawson? Adoptive Daughter Of Rosario Dawson

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Who Is Isabella Dawson? Adoptive Daughter Of Rosario Dawson

Isabella Dawson is the adopted daughter of American actress and producer Rosario Dawson. 

Her biological parents are not known. She was 12 years old when she got adopted in 2014

She has no siblings. She is an American citizen. 

Isabella Dawson with her mother Rosario Dawson
Isabella Dawson with her mother Rosario Dawson Source: Salten News

Rosario's Married Life

Rosario is currently unmarried. However, she has dated many famous personalities in her life. 

Rosario was in a relationship with Cory Booker, politician, author and attorney

The couple started dating each other in 2018

They dated for three years straight and, after that, ended their relationship. 

They broke up in February 2022.

How Did Rosario Meet Her Ex-Boyfriend?

Rosario and Cory met each other back in 2018 through their mutual friend. 

They attended their friend's party, which was how they got introduced. 

They started dating that same year but kept their relationship private for a year and confirmed their relationship in 2019.

Rosario Dawson's ex-boyfriend, Cory
Rosario Dawson's ex-boyfriend, Cory  Source: Instagram 

About Mother Rosario 

Rosario is an American actress and producer born on May 9, 1979. Her full name is Rosario Isabel Dawson

She was born to Isabel Celeste and was raised by her mom and stepdad Greg Dawson

Rosario developed her interest in acting at an early age. She then thought of pursuing an acting career. 

She has shown her appearance in many movies and TV shows. 

She is well known for her role in Men In Black II

Some of the films she played are Unstoppable, Death Proof, and Zookeeper

Rosario is a talented actress in the entertainment industry.

Isabella Dawson's mom Rosario Dawson
Isabella Dawson's mom Rosario Dawson Source: Instagram 

Living In Abandoned Building 

Rosario gave an interview to Queen Latifah where she talked about her childhood struggles. 

While she was giving this interview, her mom Isabella was also present, and Latifah asked how Rosario was during her childhood. 

Her mom said Rosario was perfect, and she still is now. Latifah wanted to know about Rosario’s childhood, so Rosario shared her childhood story with everyone. 

She said that she moved into an abandoned family with her mom, dad and brother when she was two years old. Her brother was just born at that time, and the building where they shifted was terrible. 

There were no facilities in that building. They had no water, electricity or heater. They had a plywood door and plastics to cover the window. 

She revealed that her mom and dad struggled a lot, and her mom was plumbing and swagging in that building, whereas her dad did construction things. 

Her mom and dad together fixed the electricity. She said that she got to play a role in one of the movies, which was so relatable to her past. 

Rosario thanked her mom and dad for being her biggest support system. She said that she wanted to do many things for her parents. 

Her parents did every possible thing so that she and her brother could have a good life. She said that her childhood situation made her creative. 

She created her dress which turned out bad, but she was happy that she was very creative than others. She and her brother created video games. 

Although she is not a good gamer, she said that she could do many things on her own. 

There were things that made her feel bad during childhood, and it was seeing kids of her age wearing nice shoes and clothes, but at that time, her mom worked in an organization, and that organization gave Rosario and her brother good dresses to wear. 

She then talked about her organization and talked about helping others and traveling a lot with the organization during holidays.


Isabella is 20 years old as of 2022.

Net Worth

The net worth of Rosario is $8 Million. Her source of income is acting. 

The average income of an actress is $218,000 per year.

Isabella's Mother Wants To Sit Naked

Isabella's mother, Rosario, is a brilliant actress.

She is well known to be open about her things and takes no time to share her interest. 

In an interview with Us Weekly, she revealed that she feels comfortable naked when asked about her comfortability. 

She prefers to stay naked in her house when no one is home. 

She said that each person should be comfortable and proud of their skin and happily accept it. 

She also talked about her birthmark, which is the shape of a heart

Rosario Was Almost Left Injured

Rosario had signed for the show Go Big Show, and she was judged beside Jennifer Nettles and Snoop Dogg

It was a very wholesome experience for the actress, and she had a brilliant experience being part of the show. 

The show was based on stunts and dangerous acts, and as Rosario was interested in adventure, she signed the contract. 

She was once in a rival team, and many arrows were shot in her direction. 

She almost thought she would get injured badly, but fortunately, she escaped all the arrows. 

She had a lot of frightening experiences on the set, which made her think of why she joined the show. 

But watching the whole experience, she was happy to be part of the greatest adventure show.

Rosario Faced An Allegation

Rosario is well known for being a very kind actress. She has always been supporting the LGBTQ community. 

But in 2019, her support towards the community came up as a question as she was accused of trans discrimination and insult by her employee. 

Derek Finley worked for Rosario for a long time, taking care of her household repairing. 

He was transgender. He filed a case against Rosario for her mistreatment and discrimination against him. 

He said that Rosario insulted and commented on his gender. It was not something to take lightly. 

People started showing interest in the case coming from a close person to the actress. 

But the case was dismissed quickly due to a lack of evidence.

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