Isabella Lamas- Is Lorenzo Lamas Daughter Dating?

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Isabella Lamas- Is Lorenzo Lamas Daughter Dating?

Isabella Lamas is the beautiful daughter of actor Lorenzo Lamas. Her mother is Shauna Sand, an actress. 

Her parents got married in 1996 and parted ways in 2002. She has two sisters and three half-siblings.

Isabella Lamas with her sisters.
Isabella Lamas with her sisters. Source: Instagram

Is Lorenzo Married?

Lorenzo was married five times. He was married to actress Victoria Hilbert. Their marriage lasted only for a year. 

They don't share any kids. After the divorce, he fell in love with then-publicist Michele Cathy Smith and tied the knot with her in 1983.

They have two kids together. Their marriage ended in 1985. Michele died in 2018

His third ex-wife is Kathleen Kinmont. He met her before he dated Michele. He was attracted to her, but at that time, Michele got pregnant with his baby, and he married her. 

So after their divorce, the former couple got back again and exchanged their wedding vows in 1989.

The couple seemed perfect couple to everyone, but their union ended after being together for five years. 

He married his fourth wife, Shauna Sand, three years later in 1996. They had a fourteen years age gap. 

Isabella Lamas's mom Shauna Sand.
Isabella Lamas's mom Shauna Sand. Source: Instagram

The couple has three beautiful daughters. Lorenzo filed for divorce in 2002

He said marrying her was his biggest mistake and added that he fell for her looks. 

After four failed marriages, he again found love. 

He tied the knot with Shawna Craig in 2011, but that marriage ended just like his previous marriage. 

Is He Dating Anyone?

After the fifth heartache, Lorenzo finally found his love. He is dating a marketing specialist and former model, Kenna Scott.

They have been dating each other since 2020. They got engaged in 2021 and were all set to get married in 2022. But they are not married yet. 

Lorenzo Lamas with his partner, Kenna Scott.
Lorenzo Lamas with his partner, Kenna Scott. Source: Instagram


Isabella was born on 2 February 2001, and her current age is 21.

Net Worth

Isabella's father's net worth is estimated to be $7 million.

Isabella Lamas with her sisters and father.
Isabella Lamas with her sisters and father. Source: Instagram

Is Lorenzo's Daughter Dating Leonardo DiCaprio?

On December 28, 2022, Leonardo and Lorenzo's daughter Victor were spotted leaving a club in the same car in Los Angeles

After that, there was a rumor that the two were dating each other. None of them have confirmed the alleged romance. 

Lorenzo told the New York Times that he had advised his daughter to treat the relationship like a holiday, enjoy it as much as she can, and for as long as it lasts. 

He clarified that they were friends and were not in any romantic relationship with one another. 

A source also said that the rumors were fake, and they went on night out alone in LA.

Lorenzo Said That Marrying Shauna Sand Was A Real Mistake

In an interview, Lorenzo described his marriage with Shauna as necessary. 

He shared that they had three kids together. He said that he hung in that relationship for his kids, as it was his family. 

He felt it was necessary to marry her then and regretted his decision after marrying her. 

He said that he was fascinated with her physical beauty. She was his fantasy woman. 

He revealed that he was mentally and physically broken after marrying her.

He further added that if he hadn’t taken that decision to marry her, he would never have gone through a nervous breakdown in 2006

He said he went bankrupt because of that. 

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