Who Is Isha Price? Half-Sister Of Serena Williams

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Who Is Isha Price? Half-Sister Of Serena Williams

Isha Price is a popular public figure, well-known producer, lawyer, and leader in the United States. Aside from that, she is most recognized as the elder stepsister of Venus and Serena Williams

The Williams sisters are arguably the most formidable opponents in tennis

She is also famous for her mother, Oracene Price’s life story. Her full name is Isha Price Williams, and her nickname is Isha. Her father's name is Yusef Rasheed.

Her ethnicity is Afro-American, And she follows the Christianity religion.

Isha Price's mom, Oracene Price.
Isha Price's mom, Oracene Price. Source: Pinterest

Marriage And Children

Isha reportedly has been in a relationship with her long-term husband, Felix Fayron

However, neither Isha nor her hubby Felix has revealed anything about their wedding details. 

But, as per some sources, the two dated for some time before their weddings.

Besides discussing her spouse’s profession, Felix reportedly shared the same work as his wife. He is a lawyer by profession.

However, other than that, the details about their love life are yet to be revealed. They have neither talked about their children so far. 

But she has a niece and nephew in her family from her half-sister Serena and her biological sister Yetunde Price.

Age And Net Worth

Isha was born on Tuesday, 11th May 1988, and she is currently 47 years old

She earns massive money, but her net worth is under review. Her sister, Serena's net worth is $250 million.

About Her Family

She was born to her father, Yusef Rasheed, and mother, Oracene Price, an American Tennis coach

She has two siblings: Yetunde Price (who died in 2003, working in a beauty salon) and Lyndrea Price ( Web designer ). 

Sadly her father died in 1979. After her father died, her mother, Oracene, married Richard Williams in 1980

Her stepfather Richard is a famous American Tennis player who has won many International Tennis tournaments for his country. 

After her mother married Richard, her mother gave birth to Price’s two half-sisters, Serena Williams, and Venus Williams.

Her half-sisters are well-known and highly-ranked tennis players all over the world.

Her stepfather and her mother live separately, as they divorced in 2002.

Isha Price with her sisters.
Isha Price with her sisters. Source: Facebook

Tragic Murder Of Her Sister

Robert Edward Maxfield assassinated Isha’s elder sister Yetunde Price on 14th September 2003. At that time, she was talking inside the parked car with her boyfriend, Roland Wormley.

Robert was a gang member of Southside Crips. The incident happened when Yetunde sat in her SUV car with him.

It all happened because Robert was a gangster from the rival group. 

Subsequently, Maxfield started gun firing on them without confirming if they were gangsters or not.

However, Yetunde's boyfriend, Roland Wormley, had gang ties and a criminal record.

After the shooting, Roland sped away to her mother's home and called 911. But she was no more.

Some hours later, there was a standoff at a house near the crime scene, and authorities arrested Aaron Michael Hammer.

The family was shattered at that time after the family lost their loving member.

She was the mother of three children.

As A Film Producer

Not much is known about Isha's work as a lawyer.

However, she showed her skills by making a movie about their family, "King Richard," which showed how great she is at what she does.

Besides being an executive producer, she also served as an advisor to director Reinaldo Marcus Green and the rest of the cast. So Isha was involved from the very start.

After turning down many previous offers from writers in the past, Isha and the rest of the Williams family chose Zach.

The film focuses on Richard and his struggles to get his children the respect the world had never given him.

Isha, who executively produced the movie, shouldered most of the burden of making sure that her family was truthfully represented in the film.

She knew she had done well when she screened it with Serena and Venus; they reacted the same way she had when she first watched the finished product.

The movie was particularly emotional for them because it also touched on Yetunde's life and death — a tragedy that shook their family.

The success of "King Richard" had much to do with Isha's hard work as a professor.

The movie “King Richard” gave Isha more limelight than she had before.

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