Who Is Isla Lampard? Daughter Of Frank Lampard

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Who Is Isla Lampard? Daughter Of Frank Lampard

Isla Lampard is the daughter of English football manager and former football player Frank Lampard

Her mother’s name is Elen Rivas. Her parents are not together anymore. 

Isla’s birthday is on 20 May. She was born in England and is an English citizen.

Parents of Isla Lampard.
Parents of Isla Lampard. Source: Pinterest

Married Life Of Frank 

Frank's married to his wife, Christine Lampard, with whom he shares a beautiful son named Patricia. 

Christine is a Northern Irish broadcaster. They got married in 2015. 

Frank was previously engaged to Elen Rivas, who was a Spanish model. With her, he shared his daughters, Isla and Luna  Lampard.

Isla Lampard with her father, Frank Lampard and stepmom, Christine Lampard.
Isla Lampard with her father, Frank Lampard and stepmom, Christine Lampard. Source: Instagram


Isla's current age is 15 years old.

Net Worth

The net worth of Frank is $90 million. He earns from being a professional football manager.

Isla Lampard's father, Frank Lampard.
Isla Lampard's father, Frank Lampard. Source: Instagram

Frank Appreciated Iniesta

Frank gave an interview about his match against Iniesta’s team

He expressed that Iniesta was the toughest opponent that he had ever played with in his life. 

He said Iniesta could play from any side. 

For a midfield to be all around the pitch was a challenging thing. 

He also expressed that going near Iniesta is the wrong idea for anyone.

Frank Is Being Inclined Towards Ronaldo

There is always a debate between Messi and Ronaldo about being the best player in the world. 

People take their side with their perspective, and so did Frank.

Frank was asked whether he would choose Messi or Ronaldo. He revealed that he was a Messi guy. 

He likes to see him play and likes him more. 

But saying that, he also revealed that in current days, he is being included towards Ronaldo. 

After watching the debate between the two, he realized that Ronaldo is the best with a well-maintained body, maximum records, unbelievable goals and outputs. 

He is now at the edge when it comes to Messi and Ronaldo.

Frank Went Against Chelsea

Frank was the star of Chelsea when he was a football player. He was one of the legendary players on the team. 

He has also been the manager of the Chelsea club, and he has a special connection with the club. 

But it doesn’t stop him from going against them. He was hoping for his team, Everton’s win over the Chelsea team. 

Although he has some space for the team, he is loyal and responsible for his club. 

He and the players and whole Everton fans were excited for the match with Chelsea. 

Frank Will Do Anything

Frank has been a part of the Everton club for a while. He has shared his many memories as a manager with the club. 

He has worked hard and uplifted the club to a certain height. 

He was welcomed to the club as a new manager. 

Everyone in the club is nice to him; hence he feels every minute in the club is precious. 

As he is always being chaired and appreciated, he wants to continue his journey with the club. 

He said that he was ready to do anything to go back to his post as a manager. 

He wants to stay in the club no matter what. 

He also revealed that his dreams related to the clubs have not yet finished. 

And he expressed that he would be the club's manager again and improve his plans and take the club towards its dream of Frank and complete his expectations.

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