Ivan Dalic - Late Father Of Zlatko Dalic

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Ivan Dalic - Late Father Of Zlatko Dalic

Ivan Dalic is famous as a celebrity father. 

He is the late father of Croatian professional football manager and former player Zlatko Dalic, who is currently the manager of the Croatian national team.

Ivan was born in Livno, a town in the southwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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He worked as a teacher at the beginning of his career

Ivan did a teacher's course at the age of 20 and became a classroom teacher at an elementary school in Livonian village in the initial phase of his career. 

He then landed a job in the city, and the family moved there.

He was married to Kate Dalic

Ivan was married to his wife, Kata Dalic, a Bosnian Croat. Together, they welcomed two sons, Miran and Zlatko, and a daughter, Mladenka, in Livno

Both Ivan and his wife passed away at the age of 91. Ivan passed away in 2022 after a long illness, and Kate in 2023

Both took their last breath in Livno. He rests in St. Mihovila cemetery.


He was born in 1931. He passed away at the age of 91.

Net Worth 

His son Dalic has a net worth of around $5 million.

He described his son as ambitious and persistent

Ivan gave an interview in 2018 ahead of the World Cup final against France where he described his son as persistent and ambitious. 

He proudly said that his son would do everything possible to prepare them for victory. "He is ambitious and persistent in his work," he said at the time.

He also added that his son, as a child, was persistent in everything he did. 

He played for the local club, was good and obedient, and left home at the age of 15 for the Croatian city of Split to join its team "Hajduk."

He said either he would play football or would go to school and kept coming back to finish school, and then he stayed there to dedicate himself to football. 

Ivan Dalic son Zlatko Dalic
Ivan Dalic son Zlatko Dalic. Source: Instagram

Ivan used to cycle to Hajduk matches

Ivan was supportive of his son's passion for football. When Zlatko left home at the age of 15 to join Hajduk Split, he made time to watch his son's match. 

It was 60 miles away from their home, and he used to cycle to Hajduk matches. 

During an interview with Nova TV, he expressed how proud he was of his son. 

"It's a big plus to be the father of such a man. I am proud of him, and everyone is proud of me because we are both good", he said at the time.

About his son, Dalic

Born in 1966 in the old Yugoslavia, Dalic was a defensive midfielder. 

While playing in the local team, he was spotted by the legendary Yugoslav goalkeeper and coach Vladimir Beara, who recommended that he join Hajduk Split

Dalic’s playing career began at Hajduk in 1983. He stayed with the team until 1986

He played for Cibalia, Buducnost Titograd, and Velez Mostar before he hung up his boots in 2000 at Varteks

He started his coaching career at Varteks as an assistant coach for Miroslav Blazevic

In 2005, Blazevic left, and he took over the manager post. He then moved to Rijika but was sacked in 2008, just before the start of the season. 

In an interview, Dalic said he was wrong in his relationship with the players and towards the media. Then he got sacked, the only one in his career. 

He was very ambitious, so he thought who would replace him. He experienced a shock in the third year of coaching.

He then moved to Albania and after a short stint in Albania, he moved back to Croatia and then to the Middle East

He spent seven years with clubs in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates before becoming the manager of the Croatia National Team on 7th October 2017

Dalic said his experience from Asia made him realize he has to solve everything by talking. 

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