Who Is Ivan Toney Sr? Father Of Ivan Toney

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Ivan Toney Sr is the father of English professional footballer Ivan Toney. His son currently plays for Brentford FC as a striker. 

He was married to his wife, Lisa Toney. He has three children, two daughters, Jemma and Jasmine, and a son Ivan

He is a British citizen.

Marriage And Children

Ivan Toney Sr married his wife Lisa and shares three children with her. 

Ivan Sr has always been an absent father in his children's life. Because of that, his ex-wife Lisa had a hard time raising three children as a single mom. 

Lisa then married another man with whom she had two sons.

Ivan Toney Sr.'s son and ex-wife.
Ivan Toney Sr.'s son and ex-wife. Source: Pinterest

Son's Relationship Status

Ivan is not married. However, he had a girlfriend. He was in a relationship with a woman named Katie.

They were in a relationship for a long time, and in 2019 they welcomed their first child, a son named Ivan Toney Jr. 

They ended their relationship at the beginning of 2022.

Ivan Toney with his ex-girlfriend and son.
Ivan Toney with his ex-girlfriend and son. Source: Us Sports

Age And Net Worth 

The age and net worth of Ivan Toney Sr are unknown. However, his son Ivan is 26 years old and has a net worth of 6 million euros.

Ivan Toney Sr.'s son Ivan Toney.
Ivan Toney Sr.'s son Ivan Toney. Source: Instagram

Ivan Was Found Betting

According to Football Association, betting by football players are illegal. 

It goes against the rules and regulations of the Football Association. 

The allegations were made against the English player Ivan as well. 

One of the national newspapers released the news about Ivan that he is being investigated seriously by the Football Association, and the news spread out. 

The player was blamed for being involved in the betting business before he played for the Premier League club. 

As the investigation is going on, it is yet to confirm whether he is guilty. 

But his club has decided to remain silent about this matter. 

They said they would not speak about the matter and let FA decide for him. 

Fortunately, he has been granted to play for his country in the coming World Cup.

Ivan Was Racially Attacked

Ivan was about to go to bed after a great win against Brighton when he received a threatening message on his Instagram. 

The message was a cyber attack and racially bullying message. 

He didn’t do anything then, but soon as he woke up the next morning, he posted about it on his Twitter. 

He even called the cyber police and contacted the Parent Guidance of Meta Company to find out about the person. 

The player was very angry about the comments that he received. 

The FA and Premier League also stood up with him and said that the attack on Ivan was an attack on the whole football family.

It is something that should not happen to anyone. They are too hoping for serious action to be taken against the abuser.

Ivan Didn’t Stand Up Against Racism

An incident happened in America where a policeman murdered a black man named George Floyd. 

After the incident, football players started to bend their knees before starting the match to show their act against racism. 

Premier League also followed the same trend, but Ivan was one of the only five players who didn’t bend to their knees. 

It was not because he was not against racism or because he didn’t want to support the act. 

From his belief, he really thinks that the act has not changed anything and will not change anything. 

He saw that the players were just being used as puppets to keep up the show as if they cared. 

According to him, the act doesn’t make any difference; it’s all about people’s mentality that is impossible to change.

Ivan’s Family Couldn’t Stop Screaming

Ivan revealed in an interview that he is at this height of success because of his family, especially his sister and stepdad, who have done as much as they can to see him play. 

He expressed that his sister went to work at UNI and took him to football there simultaneously. 

She stayed hungry, waiting for him every day. He said that his family had been his backbone from the beginning. 

And after he was selected for the English senior team squad, he called his family in a group chat. 

After hearing the news, they were so happy that they couldn’t stop screaming. He said that it was their success as well.

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