Who Is Ivana Rodriguez? Stunning Sister Of Georgina Rodriguez

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Who Is Ivana Rodriguez? Stunning Sister Of Georgina Rodriguez

Ivana Rodriguez is the sister of Georgina Rodriguez. Georgina is a famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend. 

Ivana is an influencer. She shows healthy diets and body weight loss journeys on Instagram

She was born to parents Jorge Rodriguez and Ana Maria Hernandez.

Ivana Rodriguez with her sister and Cristiano Ronaldo.
Ivana Rodriguez with her sister and Cristiano Ronaldo. Source: Instagram

Ivana's Love Life

Ivana is not married yet but is in a relationship with Carlos Garcia. He is a painter, sculptor, and Cristiano’s closest friend. 

The couple has been dating since 2018. They welcomed their first child in November 2021.

Ivana Rodriguez with her partner, Carlos Garcia.
Ivana Rodriguez with her partner, Carlos Garcia. Source: Instagram

Her name is Deva. Ivana shared her happy moment on Instagram by expressing her happiness after being a mother. 

She added she wants to give everything her daughter needs to be happy and pray to God for her excellent health.

She seemed happy and later thanked her partner for giving her the most remarkable gift. The couple is living a happy life together. 

Ivana Rodriguez's partner and their daughter.
Ivana Rodriguez's partner and their daughter. Source: Instagram

Ivana Is An Important Figure In Georgina's Life

Ivana is the eldest sister of Georgina. She has always supported Georgina and is a support system for her. 

They grew up together in Jaca, Spain. They both had ballet lessons together when they were small. 

They grew up in a middle-class family. Even though they didn't have much in their past life, they were always satisfied with what they had. 

Both sisters struggle because their father served ten years in jail because of drug trafficking. 

And their mother died in a car accident in 2011. 

Not having both parents around, they realized they had to stick together and be there for each other. 

They used to travel a lot and learn from each other's adventures.


She was born on May 21, 1990, in Spain. She is 33 years old as of 2023. Her sun sign is Gemini.

Net Worth

Ivana's net worth is unknown, whereas her sister Georgina's net worth is about $10 Million.

Georgina's Sister Patricia Lashes Out

Patricia is Georgina's sister from her father's side. But she has never mentioned her anywhere. 

Georgina says she has a family of three. However, she only claims her mother and sister Ivana as her family. 

Patricia came out and said Georgina is a scoundrel. 

Once, Patricia was in financial problems, and she said she went to ask for help from Georgina

As per her, she did not help her and didn't contact her either. Patricia said she did nothing and made fun of her economic condition. 

And also said Georgina is ashamed of her. She had asked for a lot of money from Georgina

And she said she had never asked for any money before she did because of her children. 

And she sent Georgina her children's school phone number so she could ask them and help her children to buy books for the course. 

She said she had just asked for help and was still waiting.

Georgina never claimed nor talked about this rumor. 

As per her, she only cares about her sister Ivana, and she only cares about her and her own family with football player Cristiano Ronaldo.

Georgina's Life Changed Overnight

Georgina was an ordinary girl before she met Cristiano.

She worked at the Gucci Store in Madrid, where she first saw Ronaldo.

She thought he was so handsome and she couldn't look him in the eyes. Their eyes met and it was love at first sight. Cristiano approached her, and they went on dates.

Now Georgina has two children with Cristiano and three other of his children whom she treats as her own. 

They are living together as a family. And she is now a model and an influencer. 

She recently finished her Netflix show named “I am Georgina.”

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