Ivete Nunes

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Ivete Nunes

Ivete Nunes is the mother of a Brazilian professional mixed martial artist, Amanda Nunes

She worked as an administrative assistant in the school.
Her brother José was a fighter. 

Married to Sindoval Nunes 

Ivete was married to Sindoval Nunes. The couple welcomed three children, and all are daughters. 

The names of their daughters are Valdiren, Vanessa, and the youngest, Amanda.

Ivete ex-husband and daughter
Ivete ex-husband and daughter  Source: Instagram

Their married life didn't last long, and the couple separated when Amanda, their youngest daughter, was only four

After the divorce, she took the responsibility of her three daughters as a single parent. 

She used to sell hotdogs, beauty products, and many things to support her family. She also worked in the school. 

About Daughter Amanda 

Amanda was born on May 39, 1988, in Pojuca, Brazil. She grew with two older sisters, Vanessa and Valdiren.

Ivete's three daughters
Ivete's three daughters  Source: YouTube 

According to Amanda, her mother was a loving but very strict person. She was afraid of her mother and was scared to death of her.

When her mother looked at her, she would freeze. But has a great deal of respect for her mother.

From a young age, she loved fighting and wanted to start her fighting career. After Knowing her choice, her father initially disapproved of her career choice because she was a girl.

But nowadays, her father supports her fighting career. She had ambitious plans to become a professional soccer player.

As an elementary school player on a local team, she got an opportunity to try out for the Vitória Football Club.

But her mother forbade Amanda to do so and focus on her studies.

On March 8, she made her professional debut at Prime MMA Championship 2. She defeated her in the first round. Then on January 7, 2011, she made her Strike Force debut. 

Amanda defeated Canadian kickboxer and mixed martial artist by knockout in just 14 seconds.
On August 3, 2013, She made her debut in UFC 163.

Her fight was against a German mixed martial artist Sheila Gaff. In which she won the fight via TKO in the first round against Sheila.

Defending titles after being a mother

Ivete’s daughter Amanda gave an interview to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. She talked about her comeback, daughter and her matches. 

She was about to have a match with Megan for the title of UFC when she gave this interview. It was not a new thing for her as she was used to fighting for titles, but the new thing was this was her first match after she became a mom to her newborn daughter. 

Amanda described her daughter and said that she was a pretty and good girl. She also addressed that she and her husband were lucky enough to have such a great daughter. 

When Amanda talked about her first match after being a mom, she said she should watch her opponent’s height benefit and her long-range attacks. 

But she is not worried about how tall or big the opponent is as she has won matches against many big and tall opponents in her past fights. 

She trains hard for her matches, but according to her, she is more dedicated and excited as she has a daughter waiting for her in her home. She also talked about her diet to stay healthy and fit for the match to avoid getting injured. 

She was asked if she was worried about her fight to defend her two titles. She said that she is too dedicated to her work and fights. 

She can put her soul into it and even said she can die for it. Similarly, she is training hard with her supportive coaches and is getting ready to defend her title. 

Amanda was also given a tribute for being dedication to her fight even after being a mom by some children in the interview shown through the video. She was carried away by the video. 

She has inspired many women and girls to work hard and to be strong. She added that she always wanted to inspire people.

Mother-Daughter Relationship

At the young age of five, her mother signed her up for capoeira classes. Ivete used to play boxing so Amanda followed in her mother's footsteps. 

Amanda said she loved fighting. She started training after her mother encouraged her.

The mother-daughter duo looks pretty close to each other. Amanda always praises her mother for her success.

Ivete supports her daughter in her professional and personal life.

Daughter Came Out as Lesbian

Amanda is the first openly came out as lesbian champion in UFC history. She is married to UFC fighter Nina Ansaroff. 

On March 6, 2020, the lesbian couple announced that they were expecting a girl.

They welcomed their first child, daughter Raegan Ann Nunes on September 24, 2020.

Amanda with her wife and daughter
Amanda with her wife and daughter  Source: Instagram

Amanda earned her first title shot in the UFC after collecting a three-fight win streak. 

On July 9, 2016, at UFC 200, Amanda had to face Miesha Tate for the UFC Women's Bantamweight Championship. In which Amanda won the fight, making her the first openly gay champion in UFC history.

Net Worth 

Ivete's net worth and income sources are unknown, while her daughter's net worth and income sources are structured below: 

 Ivete Nunes Amanda Nunes (Daughter)
Net worth Unknown$4 million
IncomeUnknownprofessional mixed martial artist

Age, Height, and Weight 

1. Her age is not mentioned officially. 
2. Her daughter's height is 1.73 m tall, and her weight is 66 kg.

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