Who Is Izabel Kovacic? Wife Of Mateo Kovacic

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Who Is Izabel Kovacic? Wife Of Mateo Kovacic

Izabel Kovacic is the wife of Croatian professional footballer Mateo Kovacic, who plays for the team, Chelsea. 

Izabel is an entrepreneur by profession. She was born in the years 1992 and is currently 29 years old

She has a child with her husband, Mateo. She is a Spanish citizen by her nationality.

Gorgeous Izabel Kovacic.
Gorgeous Izabel Kovacic. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Mateo is currently married to Izabel. They happily tied their knot in 2017. They have known each other since they were children.

They dated for years and later tied their knot. After three years of wedding, they welcomed their first baby boy named Ivan

Izabel Kovacic with her husband, Mateo Kovacic.
Izabel Kovacic with her husband, Mateo Kovacic. Source: Instagram


Izabel is 29 years old.

Net Worth 

Her husband Mateo's net worth is 22 million euros

Izabel Kovacic with her baby.
Izabel Kovacic with her baby. Source: Instagram

Mateo Slept With The Ball

Mateo has been one of the outstanding midfield in the world. 

Talking about his childhood, he revealed that he has been interested in football from the first day he played football. 

He was five years old when he joined the nursery. He expressed that he was the fastest and quickest kid. 

Whenever he played football as a child, he was more attached to the ball and felt comfortable with the ball. 

He revealed that he has never dreamed or even thought of anything besides football. Hence he always wanted to be a football player. 

Not only that, but he opened up that he used even to sleep grabbing the football. 

He never feels the satisfaction that he gets from playing football. 

He feels free while playing on the pitch, and he feels too comfortable handling the ball. Football is everything for Mateo.

Enjoyment Is The Key Thing For Mateo

Mateo seems to be too concentrated on the pitch when he is playing. But it is not what it looks like. 

He is more chill and light while playing football. 

In an interview, he revealed that once, his father told him that enjoyment is something really necessary while playing, and he followed his father’s words growing up. 

Still, now he runs in the same keyword, and he tries to enjoy every moment on the pitch. 

He expressed that he takes no pressure while playing and plays, having fun every time. 

Many top coaches also guided him in his career, which made him more flexible on the pitch, and he could play more smoothly without any pressure.

Mateo Won’t Do Back Hill Passes Again 

Mateo was injured in Chelsea twice with the same injury location and cause. He was training when that all happened. 

He did a back hill pass which made him injured. He did the same thing before in Chelsea, which got him injured. 

It was quite a surprise that he got the same injury twice. He then revealed that he would never do back hill again as he had got injured twice by doing back hill. 

But after the injury, getting to play again made him quite happy. He felt great again after that injury, which he called not so small. 

He watched the games from the sidelines when he was injured, which he felt a bit sad about. 

He loves to watch games but knowing that he could make an impact in the game or do something better, he didn’t want to stay on the sidelines. 

Building Stats Is Not His Job 

Mateo had great stats in his previous season as he had a lot of assists and goals too. 

He worked out great with strikers and helped the team as much as possible. But he expressed that he doesn’t value stats much. 

He does value his stats, but his major priority is to hold the team and help them to win. 

He said that his job in the team was to hold the ball, create chances and work out with players. 

He is more focused on team play and team wins rather than his stats. 

He believes in doing what his major role in the team is rather than building his own stats.

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