Who Is Jack Calmes? Ex-Husband Of Morgan Fairchild

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Who Is Jack Calmes? Ex-Husband Of Morgan Fairchild

Jack Calmes is the ex-husband of Morgan Fairchild, who is an American actress. Jack was an American inventor and musician. He has married thrice in his life. 

Morgan was the first wife of Jack Calmes. He married his second wife, Lynn, in 1975 and separated in 1989. His third wife was Susie

He died on January 5, 2015, due to cancer at home.

Family of Jack Calmes.
Family of Jack Calmes. Source: Married Wiki

Morgan Talked About Matthew Perry’s Lasting Legacy

Morgan played Chandler Bing’s mom on the famous sitcom Friends. 

She shared her memories of working with Matthew Perry

When offered the role, she initially felt she was too young to play the mother of a grown character. 

However, she took the part, and Matthew approached her with excitement on the first day of shooting. 

Matthew revealed that he hung out on sets where Morgan worked in the 80s as his father, John Bennett Perry, was also an actor. 

Morgan was surprised that the little kid on those sets was Matthew Perry

She praised Matthew’s charm and how he connected with audiences through his role as Chandler

She also mentioned the touching condolences she received after Matthew’s recent passing at 54.

Morgan highlighted how fans identified with Matthew’s character and how he left a lasting legacy. 

Matthew had openly discussed how his Friends castmates supported him during his struggles with addiction, valuing the positive impact of the show on his life. 

Jack Calmes's ex-wife, Morgan Fairchild.
Jack Calmes's ex-wife, Morgan Fairchild. Source: Instagram

Jack Is The True Love Of Morgan 

Morgan talked about her life and career. 

At 73, she revealed that her true love was her ex-spouse, Jack Calmes, whom she married in 1967 and divorced in 1973

Morgan was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 1989, which she supported for the Solve ME/CFS Initiative. 

She never married after that. She was also in love with Mark Seiler in 1980

Morgan's partner, Mark Seiler, died on July 7, 2023. She was engaged to him. 

Morgan Fairchild with her late partner, Mark.
Morgan Fairchild with her late partner, Mark. Source: Instagram

Morgan discussed her recent hip replacement due to a car accident 2016 and her positive outlook on health. 

She expressed gratitude for medical advancements that allowed her to walk and start physical therapy after the procedures.  


Jack was born on October 21, 1943. He died at the age of 71.

Net Worth

Jack's ex-wife Morgan’s net worth is about 8 million dollars.

Morgan Tips For Weight Loss 

Morgan stays healthy and energized with some simple habits. 

She shared her seven major weight loss tricks. 

She walks 45 mins daily, valuing the benefits of staying active for both the body and mind. 

She sticks to a routine of eating right, and she values the importance of maintaining good eating habits. 

She stays away from drinking, smoking, and drugs, which she believes contributes to her overall well-being. 

She is mindful of staying out of the sun to protect her skin and health. 

She uses a meal delivery service called Ideal Protein, which makes it easier to maintain a healthy diet without cooking. 

She goes to the gym daily, knowing the importance of exercise for health, especially as one age. 

She finds ways to relax and take mental breaks, even if it is just a moment of mindfulness. 

She follows a low-carb, high-protein, mid-fat diet, which helped her lose weight. 

She values the importance of discipline in maintaining the diet. 

Lastly, she drinks plenty of water daily, especially important on a low-carb diet, to keep her skin looking good and stay hydrated. 

Morgan focuses on regular exercise, a healthy diet, avoiding harmful habits, sun protection, meal planning for convenience, consistent gym workouts, mental well-being practices, a specific keto diet, and staying well-hydrated to maintain her healthy life. 

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