Who Is Jack Panos? Father Of George Michael

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Who Is Jack Panos? Father Of George Michael

Jack Panos is the father of the late English singer, songwriter, and record producer George Michael. 

He was a restaurateur. His real name is Kyriacos Panayiotou. He was born in the year 1936. He is an English citizen by nationality. 

Marriage And Children

Jack was previously married to his wife, Lesley Panayiotou. His wife was a dancer. 

He tied the knot with Lesley back in 1958 and shared three children: a son named George and two daughters named Yioda and Melanie. 

Jack was married to his wife for a long time until Lesley’s death parted them away in 1997. 

Jack Panos's wife and late son.
Jack Panos's wife and late son. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net Worth 

Jack is 88 years old. His net worth is unknown, but his late son had a net worth of 98 Million Pounds.

Jack Lost Almost Everyone  

Jack lived a good life with his wife and children in his past days. 

Unfortunately, his happy days were very short-lived as, one by one, every one of his family members died. 

In 1997, he lost his beloved wife from cancer, which devastated him and his children. 

After that, he lost his son George in 2016. His son was found lifeless in his bed, and bearing the death of his only son was not easy for him. 

Shortly after a few years, Jack lost his daughter Melinda in 2019

Jack and his daughter Yioda are the only two people alive. On Christmas in 2022, Jack and his daughter shared a very emotional message on social media, writing how they are now living with the memories of the people they loved. 

Despite everything that happened to them, Jack and his daughters are still grateful for the life they have now.

 Jack Panos's late son, George Michael.
Jack Panos's late son, George Michael. Source: Pinterest

Jack’s Son Got Arrested

Jack’s son George got arrested back in 1998 under the grounds of a lewd act. 

It was an embarrassing arrest for George. However, he was never ashamed of what happened that day. 

According to the news, George went to a public toilet, where a man followed him. 

George was gay, so when the man entered the bathroom, he felt that the man was attracted to him, so he did what he had to. 

However, later, it was turned out that the man was an undercover cop, and he arrested him for doing vulgar things in the public restroom. 

Also, the cop claimed that he heard George making noises and doing indecent acts before he entered. 

George denied the claim made by the cops and said that the whole thing was a plan to lure him into the arrest. 

George Scared To Tell His Sexuality To His Dad 

Jack’s only son, George, had a complicated relationship back in the day. They loved each other, but they weren’t very close to each other. 

Jack’s son George was gay by his sexuality, and it took him years to accept his sexuality and come out in public. 

George said he always knew what he was but hid it from the world, including his parents, because he was scared. 

Jack had very conservative thinking, so some of George knew his dad wouldn’t accept him. 

He told them about his feelings for his men and his sisters, and they also suggested not telling his dad and mom. 

It took him long to come out as gay, and in 1998, he finally did. 

Arrest Was A Great Distraction For George

George was arrested for masturbating in a public bathroom in 1998. His arrest became a big deal then, nearly risking his career. 

However, in an interview, he said that his arrest became his great distraction to come out of his mom’s death. 

He lost his mom just 18 months before his arrest and was affected severely. 

He was very close with his mom, and after she passed away, he got depressed. 

He was grieving for a long time but was finding it very hard to let go of the grief, and his arrest issues made it more accessible. 

He was so caught up in his stuff trying to save his reputation and career that he got distracted from the grief of his mom's death. 

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