Who Is Jackson Theron? Daughter of Charlize Theron

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Who Is Jackson Theron? Daughter of Charlize Theron

Jackson Theron is a celebrity child. Her mother is an Oscar-winning actor Charlize Theron.

He adopted her, and she also has an adopted younger sister, August Theron. 

Jackson Theron with her mother Charlize Theron and sister August Theron
Jackson Theron with her mother, Charlize Theron and sister, August Theron.  Source: Instagram

Past Relationship Of Charlize

She dated actor Craig Bierko when she was just 19 years old. But they broke up. 

After her breakup, she had a relationship with the lead singer of Third Eye Blind, Stephan Jenkins.

They met at a concert in Hawaii and started dating then. 

They even attended the Oscar award together as Theron's movie was nominated.

They looked like a happy couple in front of the public eye, but they were having trouble in their relationship in real life. 

Eventually, they broke up in 2001. She was in a serious relationship with her best friend, Stuart Townsend

They got officially married in 2007. They did not have a wedding ceremony. 

However, their marriage only lasted for three years, and they got separated in 2010

A couple of years later, she was spotted with Sean Penn. She was rumored to be secretly engaged to him in 2014

But it turned out to be fake as Charlize denied that they were ever engaged. 

Their relationship did not work, and they broke up in 2015.

Charlize Theron in her beautiful outfit
Charlize Theron in her beautiful outfit  Source: Instagram


Jackson's current age is ten years old.

Net Worth

Her mother's net worth is estimated to be a whopping $170 million.

She has managed to earn this fortune from her acting career. She has been a brand ambassador for many big brands. 

She earns around $30-40 million per year.

She is also a producer, and she has also earned from her modeling career. 

Jackson Theron with her mother Charlize Theron
Jackson Theron with her mother, Charlize Theron. Source: Pinterest

Charlize's Father Tried To Kill Her

The relationship between Charlize's parents, Charles and Gerda, was fraught. 

Theron has long idolized her mother. In an interview, she said her mother is the living person she admires the most. 

Her father was a sick man. He was an alcoholic. She only knew her father as an alcoholic person. She said that it was a pretty hopeless situation. 

In 1992, when Theron was 15 years old, her life changed forever after witnessing her father's death. 

Her father was armed with a gun, and he threatened to kill both his daughter and wife. 

To protect her daughter, her mother shot him dead. 

Her mother did that on a self-defense to save her daughter, so she was never prosecuted for her husband's death. 

She opened up about that horrifying incident, emphasizing that she is not ashamed of discussing the family violence she faced when she was a child. 

She said that she had dealt with it, and it did not affect her as it happened long ago. 

She further added the more she talked about these things, the more she got to know that she was not alone.

Lesser Known Facts About Jackson

Jackson was adopted in 2012. Jackson came out as transgender in 2019

She told her mother that she was not a boy. 

Theron is a very supportive mother, and loves her children and will do whatever she can to protect her daughters. 

She was born in Africa

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