Jaclyn Humphrey- Tragedy Of Samantha Humphrey Mom

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Jaclyn Humphrey- Tragedy Of Samantha Humphrey Mom

Jaclyn Humphrey is the mother of the late Samantha Humphrey. She shared her daughter Samantha with her ex-husband, Jeff Humphrey. 

Jaclyn Humphrey's ex-husband.
Jaclyn Humphrey's ex-husband. Source: YouTube

What Happened To Jaclyn’s Daughter? 

Jaclyn’s daughter Samantha went missing on Nov 25, 2022. No one was able to find her until Feb of 2023

On Feb 22, Jaclyn’s daughter’s dead body was found in Riverside Park. 

A fisherman saw a body floating in the water, and he informed the police

The police took the body, and it was immediately sent for the autopsy to know whose body it was. 

After the autopsy report was published, it was confirmed that the dead body was of Jaclyn’s 14-year-old daughter, Samantha. 

Jaclyn Humphrey's daughter, Samantha Humphrey.
Jaclyn Humphrey's daughter, Samantha Humphrey. Source: YouTube

Did Samantha Have A Boyfriend? 

Samantha was a student at Schenectady High School student. She went out of contact on Nov 25, 2022

Before she went missing, she was spotted at the Riverside park

It was known that the 14-year-old had an ex-boyfriend, and she went there to meet her boyfriend. 

Her family members revealed that she left the house to meet his ex-boyfriend, but sadly, she never returned home after that. 

Her parents started searching and reported missing after she didn’t return. 

After the search for Samantha began, the police also found her phone, where the last message was from her ex-boyfriend, and it was stated that her ex might be the last person Samantha met before she went missing.

However, Samantha’s ex-boyfriend was not suspected of her disappearance and murder as he had fully shown his support and collaborated with the investigation related to Samantha.

A few weeks after Samantha went missing, her mom, Jaclyn, gave an interview where she talked about how hard it had been for her as her daughter went missing. 

Her emotional state was bad as Christmas approached. 

She said Samantha was excited about Christmas and planned to go to Puerto Rica for the Vacation. However, after all the missing things, knowing that her daughter wouldn’t be able to take the vacation made her more scared and emotional.

Samantha’s Case Needs Patience

Samantha’s death and missing case has been one heck of a thriller case for the police department of America as there is nothing that could lead to the case. 

The only direction the case will go on is in the dead end. 

Police are having their patience by waiting on the forensic reports and other documents, which is also taking great time as there are no major leaderboards. 

But according to Clifford, they try their best to do what they can. 

Fortunately, the department has many grants and authority from the faculties to do whatever is possible to get a step ahead. 

For the moment, the case has been a game of patience for the police and the victim's family.

Samantha’s Case Needs Public Help

There are many cases that police keep confidential, primarily those that are released to murder, death, and threats. 

But for Samantha’s case, although the case contains death and mystery, police are seeking public help. 

They even gave out their number ( 518-788-6566) so that the public can contact them if anything related to the kid appears. 

They have found few leads due to public help, but they expect a big lead in any way possible. 

They had already contacted each and every one that the girl knew and would continue to do so if any lead appeared. 

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