Who Is Jacob Moore? Husband Of Makena Lautner

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Who Is Jacob Moore? Husband Of Makena Lautner

Jacob Moore is the husband of American Youtuber and celebrity Makena Lautner

He has five siblings. He has no kids with Makena yet. They are currently living in the USA. 

His mother name is Caryn Glaske Moore. He is an American citizen. 

Family Of Jacob Moore
Family Of Jacob Moore Source: Instagram 

Marriage And Children

Jacob is currently married to Makena. The beautiful pair started dating when they were 18 years old.

In 2019, they got engaged, and a year later, they got married. They are very happy together. 

They are very vocal about their relationship and have shared every detail about their love life with their fans.

They have no children to date.

How Did Jacob Meet Makena?

Jacob and Makena met each other for the first time during their freshman year in their first semester. 

They were very young when they met, and after a certain time, they started hanging out with each other and eventually started dating. 

Jacob Moore with his wife Makena Lautner
Jacob Moore with his wife Makena Lautner Source: Instagram

About Wife Makena 

Makena is an American YouTuber and celebrity born on July 1, 1998

She was born and raised by her dad Daniel Lautner and her mother, Deborah Lautner

Makena is world widely known as the sister of famous actor Taylor Lautner who is currently dating Taylor Dome.

She has lots of content on her YouTube channel about her marriage and other personal things. 

Besides being a YouTuber, she is also a TV personality who has shown her presence in many talk shows. 

Jacob Moore's wife Makena Lautner
Jacob Moore's wife Makena Lautner Source: Instagram 


Makena is 23 years old. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Makena is $500,000. Her source of income is YouTube

The average income of a YouTuber is $60,000 per year. 

Taylor Lautner Gained All The Attention In Jacob's Wife's Volleyball Match

Jacob's wife, Makena, was a brilliant volleyball player who played for her college team back in 2012

Makena had a match in Phoenix Convention Center. It was her college's annual volleyball tournament. 

To support her, her brother Taylor Lautner also showed up with his then-girlfriend. 

After his arrival, the crowd had eyes towards the actor rather than the game. 

He was the center of attention and was all over social media the following day. 

People passed by him to take photographs. 

The match did go well for Makena, but the center of attraction was, of course, Taylor.

Makena Had A Heart Surgery

Makena has been doing YouTube for a long time and is well known to be the sister of famous actor Taylor Lautner

She also has her own fan base. 

She revealed to her audience about her heart disease, tachycardia, where her heartbeats were more than normal bpm. 

She went through a minor surgery first. But she had to go through intense surgery for the second time. 

It was a painful surgery for which she and her family were too worried. 

But fortunately, her heart surgery went well. Taylor informed his fans about the success of his sister's surgery.

Makena's Biggest Inspiration Was Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis once said that a warrior responds when you challenge a warrior. 

Those words inspired Makena, it gave her the power to go through many problems. 

She was in high school when she first saw the quote. She was a volleyball lover back then and was good at it. 

She was of a small height for the volleyball team, but that quote inspired her. 

She then joined the volleyball team in her high school. 

She was so good that she even represented her school at the state level. 

She is no more into volleyball now, but she still misses playing the sport.

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