Who Is Jacqueline Goldenberg? Ex-Wife Of Jared Harris

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Jacqueline Goldenberg is the ex-wife of well-known British actor Jared Harris.

Jacqueline Goldenberg's ex-husband Jared Harris
Jacqueline Goldenberg's ex-husband Jared Harris Source: Instagram

Ex-Husband Married Life                       

Jared exchanged his wedding vows with his first wife Jacqueline in 1987

Their marriage was short-lived, and they got divorced in 1990 just after a year. 

After he divorced his first wife, he met Emilia Fox, a British actress. 

They started seeing each other for some time and later they got married. 

Everything seemed well initially, but later their relationship started to fall apart, and they ended up divorced. 

As per the sources, the main reason behind their broken marriage was Emilia had a miscarriage. 

After that incident, the couple got distanced from one other, and they filed a divorce in 2009 and got officially divorced in 2010.

Jared had no children from his two ex-wives.

Is Jared Married In 2022?

After his separation from Emilia, Jared met Allegra Riggio. They met each other at a comedy club.

They went to watch a mutual friend of theirs as their friend was performing in that club. 

They started dating each other and finally tied a knot in 2013.

The couple has been married for nine years.

Jared's third wife is a lighting designer and a Tv host by profession. They couple is not expecting any child as of now.

Jacqueline Goldenberg's ex-husband Jared Harris


Jared is 60 years old, and his height is 6 feet 1 inch tall.

Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be $8 million. 

He has managed to earn this fortune from his long career in the entertainment industry. 

He had been featured in many films and earned hefty from his acting career.

Jared Talked About His Auditioning Days

Jared auditioned for Mel Gibson's Helmet. He had just got out of drama school.

He went down to the studio to do the screen test. There was a car to pick them up. 

His two fellow friends from the drama school were also there for an audition. 

He had to audition for the part where he had no lines. His two friends had a good part, and they had lines. 

It was a terrible audition for him as he came for nothing. 

He was cut off at the beginning saying that although he would be reading those lines but won’t be cast for the role.

Jared Ended Up In A Zoo After Getting Drunk

Jared and his classmates had to do the animal study during his drama school days before graduating. 

They had to go to the zoo every week and observe the animals, and they had to mimic the animal in the class. 

At the end of term, they had a zoo day where everyone in the school and teachers came, and the students imitated the animals. 

At that time, Jared studied gorillas. 

He was saying goodbye to all his friends and thought they should say goodbye to the animal with whom they bonded. 

Jared had a couple of beers with his friends, so they broke into the zoo to bid goodbye to their animals, but they could not find them.

Jared's Father's Legacy Influenced His Acting Career

Jared's father, Richard Harris, was a great actor. Jared also followed in his father's footsteps. 

Jared got interested in acting when he attended Duke University. 

Jared's father was not supportive at the beginning. Jared had made a movie in his college days. 

His father came to see the film, and at that time, Jared thought that his father would ask him to be a director.

To his father's surprise, Jared also played a role in that movie. 

His father got excited after his performance as they got something in common that they could share and talk about. 

After that, they talked about plays and great performances. He learned a lot from his father.

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