Who Is Jacqueline Keegan? Mother Of Michelle Keegan

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Who Is Jacqueline Keegan? Mother Of Michelle Keegan

Jacqueline Keegan is the mother of Michelle Keegan, an English actress. She is married to Michael Keegan. Her husband is English.

They have two children, Michelle and Andrew Keegan.

On International Women’s Day, Michelle honored her mother, Jacqueline, celebrating the strong women in her life. 

Jacqueline Keegan with her husband.
Jacqueline Keegan with her husband. Source: Instagram

Daughyter's Married Life

Michelle is married. Her husband's name is Mark Wright. Michelle got married to Mark Wright on May 24, 2015.

They first met in Dubai in 2012 and officially started dating in early 2013

Mark proposed to her after nine months of their relationship, and they got engaged in Dubai. They have no kids to date. 

Michelle Keegan and her husband, Mark Wright.
Michelle Keegan and her husband, Mark Wright. Source: Instagram


Jacqueline's daughter Michelle was born on June 3, 1987. She is 36 years old as of 2023.

Net Worth

As an English actress, Jacqueline’s daughter Michelle's net worth is about $8 million

Jacqueline Keegan with her son.
Jacqueline Keegan with her son. Source: Instagram

Michelle Opens Up About Her Sacrifice

Michelle is a famous actress

She is in a new Netflix show, Fool Me Once, which will be released on New Year’s Day

This series is based on a book by Harlan Coben, where Michelle plays the main character dealing with her husband’s murder. 

Michelle is married to Mark Wright, who is proud of her success and shares his admiration for her. 

Michelle and Mark recently completed building their dream home in Essex, which they transformed into a luxurious mansion. 

Michelle became emotional in an interview by sharing that the process involved sacrifices and challenges due to their busy careers. 

Despite the hardships, they are proud of their achievements and the security the house brings. 

The couple celebrated the completion of their home, and Mark expressed his admiration for Michelle’s success on social media.

Jacqueline Keegan and her daughter, Michelle Keegan.
Jacqueline Keegan and her daughter, Michelle Keegan. Source: Instagram

Michelle Enjoys Comedy Roles More Than Serious Ones

In an interview, Michelle discussed her character from the TV show Brassic

She enjoys doing comedy more than serious roles because it is easier for her, mainly on timing. 

In the series, her character is a single mom managing her son and dealing with her wild past. 

Brassic also uniquely shows about mental health. 

Michelle feels a connection to the show because she comes from a similar background and has worked with people like those in the show. 

She also mentioned the funny cultural differences between her northern upbringing and her husband Mark Wright’s Essex background. 

Michelle happily shared that the show Brassic has been approved for a second season. 

She got excited about it, but Mark was surprised as they had to keep it a secret.

Michelle Shared A Healthy Lifestyle

Michelle Keegan talked about her cooking skills and mentioned her favorite dish: young mass-appeal prawns. 

She addressed the rumors about having six toes and shared that she takes breaks from social media to avoid negativity. 

Her favorite way to relax is to take a bath, order Chinese food, and watch Netflix or an action film. 

Michelle also recalls a starstruck moment meeting Michael Douglas on a chat show. 

She expressed a desire to play a dark character in her acting career. 

She also shared her skincare routine, suggesting drinking water and removing makeup before bed. 

She advised forgiving, letting go of negativity, and surrounding yourself with positive people. 

Michelle talked about role models like her mom and grandmother and enjoys simple pleasures like bike rides and jigsaws.

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