Jacqueline Margolis- Tragedy Of Mark Margolis Wife

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Jacqueline Margolis- Tragedy Of Mark Margolis Wife

Jacqueline Margolis is an actress. She had starred in a few films. However, she is mainly known as the wife of the actor late Mark Margolis.

Jacqueline Margolis's husband Mark Margolis.
Jacqueline Margolis's husband, Mark Margolis. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Jacqueline

Jacqueline was happily married to Mark to the last breath of her husband. They tied the knot as husband and wife in 1962

They were together for more than five decades. 

Jacqueline did not continue her acting career, but she supported her husband throughout his life.

The couple shares a son named Morgan Margolis

They are very proud parents, as their son is the CEO of Knitting Factory Entertainment. He is a former actor and seen in several movies and series.

The couple is grandparents to their three grandchildren.

Jacqueline Margolis with her husband Mark Margolis.
Jacqueline Margolis with her husband Mark Margolis. Source: Twitter

Death of Her Loving Husband

August 3, 2023, was a tragic day in Jacqueline's life as her loving husband left the world. 

Her husband dies at the age of 83 at New York City Hospital after a short illness. 

Her son announced the heartbreaking news.

Jacqueline Margolis's son Morgan Margolis.
Jacqueline Margolis's son Morgan Margolis. Source: Facebook


Her husband, Mark, died at the age of 83.

Net Worth

Her husband's net worth was estimated to be $1.5 million. He had managed to earn this fortune from his acting career. 

He had been in several Tv series. He has also starred in many films. 

He was nominated for Emmy for his performance in the Tv series Breaking Bad.

Mark Never Dressup For Others

In a conversation with his co-star Jonathan Banks, he never liked the dressing part. 

He was interested in acting rather than thinking about his looks and wardrobe. 

He said that he needs to be comfortable when doing something. He was never interested in the proper way of dressing for the shoot. 

He was and is always comfortable in his loose T-shirt. He said that he would even be a businessman in his comfy clothes. 

It's not like he would appear in a torn t-shirt. He would dress up as he liked. 

It's not about disrespecting anyone but about how he feels alone. 

He even shared an incident where he went for an audition where the guys were explicitly dressed for the audition. 

They were wearing boots and cowboy hats. He was thinking about which one would end up with the horses then. 

He wasn't dressed up; he was in his regular clothes. 

He said he might not have gotten that part because he was not dressed.

Mark Talked About His Acting Career 

Mark started acting when he was 16 years old. He was working in some Off-Broadway theatre at that time. 

He came to New York a year later and studied under Stella Adler. She was his idol and biggest influencer. 

He wrote a play about a Puerto Rican kid, which he had heard about on the radio. 

A guy picked him up and also became his manager. They put him in a big Broadway house called Talent 61

At first, they wanted him only as a writer. Later, they took an interest in his acting too. 

After studying under Stella for a year, he was with a management company, and he got to play in a Broadway show. 

In that show, he got to play with many prominent actors. That's how his career started.

Lesser Known Facts About Mark

Mark was born in Philadelphia. His parents were Fanya and Isidore Margolis. He belongs to a Jewish family

He studied with Stella Adler at the Actor's Studio, the biggest influence in his life. 

His son was also acting. He was a guest actor in Breaking Bad and received an Emmy nomination

He played the role of Hector Salamanca in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul

He went to Temple University before moving to New York. He shares his birthdate with pop impresario Tina Turner

He also appeared in Better Call Saul. 

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