Jacqueline Ray

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Jacqueline Ray

Jacqueline Ray is the first wife of Hollywood actor Tom Selleck. She is also an actress who has appeared in the 1980 movie The Killing's at Outpost Zeta

Early life of Jacqueline

Jacqueline was born on January 26, 1945, in California, USA. She was brought up and raised in Burbank as Jacqueline Mary Ray

She grew up with her parents in Burbank and shares that spending time with parents and grandparents made her realize the value of family. 

She is a secretive person and keeps the information about her personal life private.


Jacqueline Mary attended a local high school in Burbank. She was a regular student and was involved in the drama club. 

She participated in many plays, which helped her later in her professional life. 

After graduating high school, she decided to focus on her passion which was modeling and acting. She did not join college to pursue her career in the entertainment field. 

Jacqueline's first marriage

Jacqueline was first married to a man named Shepherd in the 1960s. The background of their relationship has not been shared with anyone. 

However, their marriage did not last. The reason for their marital dispute was never disclosed to the public.

They have a son together named Kevin Shepherd. He was born on July 16, 1966. He is fifty-five years old. He is also an actor and has appeared on a movie like Scream 2 and so forth. 

He was also a member of an alternative rock and post-grunge band named Tonic. He was a drummer for the band, which was formed in 1993

He is married to a woman named Annabelle Selleck

Married to Tom Selleck

After getting a divorce from Shepherd, Jacqueline was married to Hollywood's most iconic actor Tom Selleck

The pair met each other in the late 1960s. They got married on May 15, 1971. She was Tom's first marriage. 

She supported Tom wholeheartedly during the initial years of his acting career. Tom also adopted her son Kevin and gave his last name. 

Jacqueline Ray with her ex-husband Tom Selleck at their wedding
Jacqueline Ray with her ex-husband Tom Selleck at their wedding. Source: Pinterest

Cause of Divorce

The couple was in a loving relationship for eleven years. They decided to get a divorce in the year 1981. They got legally separated just after a year in 1982

The reason for their separation has not been disclosed to the public. 

However, rumors circulated around that Tom was getting fame and was being recognized by many female fans. 

His closeness towards female fans triggered Jacqueline, which was one of the reasons for taking the drastic step.

Another reason was the involvement of a third party in the marriage where Jacqueline was in love with another man. 

Rumors speculated that she was seen with the man before their divorce. 

Third Marriage

Jacqueline married for the third time with a man named Clarence Barry Witmer. She fell in love with him just after her divorce from Tom

This relationship of hers did not last long as well. They ended up getting a divorce after few years of marriage. 

Her marriage with this person was for a short period of time. During their time of marriage, they welcomed a daughter and named her Umeko Ray

Net Worth

The net worth of Jacqueline is given below:

Net WorthSource
$5 millionModel, Actress

Age, height, and weight

  • Jacqueline Mary Ray is seventy-six years old.
  • Her nationality is American.
  • Her height is five feet seven inches.
  • Her weight is sixty kilograms.
  • Her ethnicity is white.
  • She is a non-communicative person.

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