Jacques Webster

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Jacques Webster is the father of the renowned personality Travis Scott. 

Marriage and Children:

Jacques got married to a woman named Wanda Webster.

Wanda was the head of the family. She used to earn for her family and managed the financial resources on her own. 

They are blessed with three children named Jordan Webster, Joshua Webster, and the famous Jacques Bermon Webster, who goes by the stage name Travis Scott

Jordan and Josh are twins, and they were born in 1999

Relationship with his famous Son:

Jacques Bermon Webster was an unemployed man. He was a big tension for his family. 

He often used to get into a fistfight with his son Travis in front of his friends. He never had any proper occupation. 

Although he was jobless and disappointed in the family, he used to make music in his rooms. 

Travis Scott said his father had super cool equipment to make music and beats, but he did not let him use the devices. 

Travis also said, while he used to make music in his room, his father would also make music and tell him to turn the volume down.

Jacques and his son never really had a proper relationship like that of father and son. 

On top of that, he was unemployed, and his son had no one to look up to. Although Travis says now, his relationship with his father has improved, and he is on good terms. 

Relationship of son with Kylie:

There has not been much information about how Kylie and Travis first met. But they have lots of mutual friends.

They were first found holding their hands on Coachella in 2017. Later, they were seen on multiple events together and were in on and off relationships. 

However, they got into a severe relationship much later and are blessed with one daughter named Stormi.  

She was born in February 2018. Travis gifted Kylie a $1.4 million Ferrari as a push present. 

The couples split and are just friends now. The reason for their break up has not been revealed yet. However, they are co-parenting their small daughter Stormi

Jacques Webster son Travis Scott with Kylie Jenner.
Jacques Webster son Travis Scott with Kylie Jenner. Source: Pinterest

The career of Son:

Travis Scott is an American rapper, record producer, beat producer, singer, and songwriter. 

He started making songs when he was sixteen years old. He used to make music and beats in his room. 

In 2012, Scott signed his first record deal with Epic Records.  He is currently affiliated with Kanye West: Good Music. Likewise, he has been releasing lots of good music.

He has released four studio albums named Rodeo which was released in 2015, Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight in 2016, Astroworld in 2018, and Utopia in 2021

Similarly, he has two collaborative albums called Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho, released in 2017, and Jackboys, released in 2019.

He has also released his own two mixtapes called Owl Pharaoh and Days Before Rodeo in 2013 and 2014.  

Travis has been nominated and awarded with lots of prestigious awards and titles.

He has won six BET Hip-hop Awards and has been nominated several times. 

He has also won one Latin Grammys Award for best short-form music video. Likewise, he has been nominated for Best Rap Song multiple times. 

Net Worth and Earnings:

The personal life, occupation, profession, and income sources of Jacques Webster have not been revealed. 

But the net worth and earnings of his famous son are structured below:

Net WorthIncome Sources
50 million dollarsRapper, singer, record producer, songwriter

Age, height, weight:

  1. Jacques's hobby was to make music and to produce a beat.
  2. His age, height, and weight haven't been revealed yet.
  3. His father was a jazz musician.

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