Who Is Jada Li? Daughter Of Jet Li

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Who Is Jada Li? Daughter Of Jet Li

Jada Li is a beautiful daughter of a famous actor in the Singapore film industry. She is renowned for being the daughter of her father, Jet Li

She was born on Jan 1, 2003. She was raised in the US.

Jada Li stunning in her photo.
Jada Li stunning in her photo. Source: Instagram

Recently Graduated

Jada recently graduated from a famous university and made her father very proud. 

She got it from Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts and this is a very expensive academy. Her degree costs more than 82,000 dollars per year. 

Jada was glad and she revealed that she will never forget the four years at the institution. 

Jada is smart and very talented. Her institution is very hard to get in as only 390 people get an admission out of 3000 and Jada was one of them.   

Parents And Siblings

Jada is the daughter of her father, Jet, and her mother, Nina Li Chi.

Parents of Jada Li.
Parents of Jada Li. Source: Pinterest

Jada's mother was the second wife of her father. Jet was firstly married to Qiuyan Huang. He had two other daughters from Qiuyan Huang

Half-siblings of Jada are Si Li and Taimi Li, whereas her elder sister is Jane Li.

Both of them are often seen together.

Jada Li with her father Jet Li and sister Jane Li.
Jada Li with her father Jet Li and sister Jane Li. Source: Instagram

Loving And Caring Father

Her father takes his daughters to every event wherever he gets invited. 

Recently he was on Mulan's preview. Mulan was the movie that was released in 2020. 

His daughters were supportive of him. They expressed how much they love their father. 


The age of Jada is 19 years old.

Net Worth

The net worth of Jada is under review. She has been running a restaurant, but her dad's net worth is $250 million. She is an entrepreneur. She owns a fast food restaurant. 

Family of Jada Li.
Family of Jada Li. Source: Instagram

About Her Father

Jet was born on April 26, 1963, in Beijing, China. He holds the nationality of China. He is 59 years old.

He was a martial artist before joining the film industry. Wu Bin trained him for three years. 

He played the national championship for martial art and even grabbed the victory for the Beijing Wushu team. 

He retired from martial arts, joined the film industry in China, and played in the Shaolin Temple movie

He has shown his martial art skills in movies as well. 

His most successful movie was The Forbidden Kingdom, with the great, Jackie Chan, and a villain role movie, The Mummy: Tomb of The Dragon Emperor. 

Facts About Jet

Jet's real name is Li Lianjie.

His economic condition was not good then because his father, who used to earn for the family, was dead. At that time, Jet was just two years old

His family was taken care of by his master or coach Wu Bin. His coach fulfilled every basic need of his family. 

After winning the national championship of martial art, he was the heart winner of the president of the US at that time, so he was asked to be the personal bodyguard of the president the US.

He got US citizenship and he accepted it because he wanted a good future for his daughters. He wanted to provide them with better education and health.

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