Jade Alyssa – Meet Girlfriend Of Armando Broja

by sabina Fri Apr 12 2024 Updated On Sun Apr 14 2024
Jade Alyssa – Meet Girlfriend Of Armando Broja

Jade Alyssa is famous as the girlfriend of professional footballer Armando Broja, who is currently playing for premier league club Fulham on loan from Chelsea.

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Alyssa posted a series of stories and pictures of Valentine's Day on her Instagram. 

The first story appeared on February 15, 2024 where she can be seen enjoying at a restaurant in London

In the second story, her room is filled with rose petals and the inflated letter LOVE, and in the bed, there is a teddy bear, heart balloons, a bouquet of roses which has a card "Are you smiling" written on it, a channel shopping bag and chocolate. 

She uploaded pictures on February 17, 2024, on her Instagram, which she captioned, "In my in love era." 

Jade Alyssa gifts on Valentine's Day
Jade Alyssa gifts on Valentine's Day. Source: Instagram

Alyssa didn't reveal whom she received this special surprise from, but we can assume it might be from Broja. 

Broja also commented on a post made by Alyssa on July 24, 2023

In the post, Alyssa is seen enjoying her time in the port in her bathing suit and flaunting her toned body. 

Broja commented, a smiley face with heart eyes.

Broja's past relationships

Broja was previously in a relationship with British model Jay Alice

The rumor of their relationship swirled up after Alice posted a picture of having dinner with Broja and his sister. 

Before that, he dated an Albanian girl named Fidela for one year. 

Broja had even put the initial letter of her name, "F," in his Instagram bio with a white heart emoji. 

Broja eventually dropped the initial letter after parting ways with her.

Broja began dating Alyssa after parting ways with Alice.

Jade Alyssa and Armando Broja
Jade Alyssa and Armando Broja. Source: Instagram


Her age is under review, but she celebrates her birthday in December.

Net Worth 

Her boyfriend, Broja's net worth is estimated to be around $20 million.

Broja shared what representing Albania means to him

Broja could play for England because of his birth place but he chose to play for the Albania national team by declining the invitation from England under-21 team

Born to Albanian parents, Broja wished to play for Albania. During an interview with The Player's Tribune, Broja shared what representing Albania means to him. 

According to him, representing Albania starts with his dad, who was desperate to succeed and for his kids to succeed. 

Growing up, there wasn't a minute to waste. Time was the most precious thing to his father. 

His father would come home from work exhausted, but still, he would take him to the park and make him run laps. 

They joke that his success is 50-50, half his and half his father's and mother's, he said.

It was his dad who shaped his career by training him, teaching him, and making sure he was on the right path.

Broja made history by becoming the first Albanian player to score in the Premier League. 

"If you represent on the big stage, your name goes down in history. You're an icon. I got a taste of that when I scored my first premier league," he told The Player's Tribune.

After he read that he became the first Albanian player to score in the Premier League, it started to sink into what it meant to make history. 

"Make sure people remember your name long after you've gone," his father's always said to him while growing up. 

And he felt like, with Albania, that is possible. He also said he is proud to be Albanian and that his parents ensured the culture was deeply ingrained in him.

Broja recalled the lowest moment of his life

There was a point in Broja's life that almost changed everything. 

Back in December 2022, he suffered a painful anterior cruciate ligament that sidelined him for a lengthy period, and that period required as much patience and perseverance as sheer hard work. 

During an interview, Broja said he was bedridden for two weeks after the surgery, which, according to him, was one of the worst times of his life. 

He couldn’t sleep as he was in pain, and also what happened to him played constantly on his mind. 

He was on the crutches for five weeks before taking his first steps on his two feet. 

“It felt like forever since I walked on my own. It was reassurance that things were going in the direct direction. Progress was there. It was a bit scary, but I had to push through the fear factor," he said.

Armando Broja underwent surgery back in December 2022 after suffering a painful ACL
Armando Broja underwent surgery back in December 2022 after suffering a painful ACL. Source: Instagram

The day he got back out on the pitch was one of the best days, Broja recalled. 

“It makes you happy every time you hit a milestone in your recovery. It gives you an extra boost”, he said. 

He also said that he has been miserable and a bit moody, but he can see the journey from where he was to where he is.

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