Who Is Jakob Danger? Son Of Billie Joe Armstrong

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Who Is Jakob Danger? Son Of Billie Joe Armstrong

Jakob Danger is the son of Billie Joe Armstrong, who is a famous singer and songwriter. His mom's name is Adrienne Armstrong.

Jakob is a guitarist and singer. He began playing guitar at a young age. 

He formed a band called Ultra Q with some friends who shared his love for music. 

Their new EP, Get Yourself a Friend, is getting much attention from music publications. 

The EP was worked on during the COVID-19 pandemic when many people were stuck at home. 

Jakob and his band took the time to refine songs they had started recording in late 2019

Parents of Jakob Danger.
Parents of Jakob Danger. Source: Instagram

Parents Married Life

His parents met in 1991. They got married on 2 July 1994. They have two children, Joseph and Jakob, from their marriage.

They are living a happy life with their two kids.

Family of Jakob Danger.
Family of Jakob Danger. Source: Instagram


Jakob was born on September 12, 1998. He is 25 years old as of 2023. 

Net Worth

As a singer, Jakob's father Billie Joe's net worth is about $75 million

Jakob Danger with his brother.
Jakob Danger with his brother. Source: Instagram

Billie Gave Surprise To Cover Band 

Billie is the famous singer from the band Green Day

Billie surprised a cover band in London that was playing one of Green Day’s popular songs. 

The cover band was playing Basket Case, and when Billie Joe entered the pub, the crowd went wild. 

He sang along with the cover band, which was exciting for everyone. 

The cover band Borderline Toxic later shared their excitement on Instagram, saying it was a moment of pure joy and a dream come true. 

Billie Joe even shared a microphone with the lead vocalist of the cover band, Kerry Glass

In the past, Billie Joe mentioned he might give up his U.S. citizenship during a concert in London

He expressed his frustrations with specific political decisions and wanted to spend more time in the UK

Billie Is Similar To His Character Perry from The movie "Ordinary World."

Billie talked about his role in a movie called Ordinary World

He got involved in the project because the director, Lee Kirk, approached him with a script he liked. 

In the movie, Billie Joe’s character, Perry, is similar to him in some ways, especially in becoming a full-time dad, which makes him more humble. 

He values family and humility, just like Perry. Billie Joe’s sons are also musicians, and while he had some concerns about them entering the music industry, he wanted to inspire them to follow their passion. 

He also mentioned working with Fred Armisen on some songs for the movie. 

Selma Blair and Judy Queer are other actors in the film, and he enjoyed working with them. 

Billie Joe talked about his involvement in the film Transformers and his excitement. 

He played a character who conversed with a friend based on the real Paul McCartney

He also mentioned being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with his band Green Day and playing with Paul McCartney at the induction ceremony. 

Billie's Album Revolution Radio Is Inspired By Violence In American Culture

Billie talked about his album Revolution Radio and how social media manifestos and the violence in American culture inspired it. 

He mentioned participating in protests in New York City, like the Ferguson protest, which influenced the album’s themes. 

During a break, he worked on a movie and wrote songs for a musical. 

He learned a lot from a collaborator named Nora Ventura, who taught him to explore different music styles. 

He also mentioned a song called Wake Me Up When September Comes, inspired by 9/11 and his father’s passing. 

Billie Joe discussed a song called Forever Now, which became a big rock opera. 

He mentioned that while he doesn’t get political in his concerts or comments, his songs reflect what’s happening in society. 

He talked about playing in smaller venues and finding unity and peace.  

He also talked about his acting experience and his plans. He enjoys acting in projects like American Idiot and HBO movies

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