James Benrud

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 James Benrud

James Benrud is a  popular Youtuber. He is more famous for being the husband of renowned YouTuber, singer, and songwriter Madilyn Bailey. 

He was born on 30 November 1991 in the Wisconsin, United States of American. He is an American citizen. 

James Benrud  with his parents'
James Benrud  with his parents'   Source: Instagram

Married Life

James got married on 22 August 2017 with his beautiful girlfriend, Madilyn. They first talked to each other through Maidlyn's sister, who was a photographer. 

After that, they started talking to each other. She didn't want to fall in love, but as their compatibility increased, they started dating. 

She even wrote a song about her feeling named "Are We Falling In Love." 

They then thought of getting engaged to each other. They got engaged to each other on 14 March 2014

They shared this moment with their fan and followers through YouTube

Then they started a new chapter of life in a traditional marriage ceremony in Maidlyn's birthplace in Wisconsin on 22 August 2014.

The couple has no children yet.

Biggest Fan of his Wife

James is the biggest supporter and encourager of his wife, Madilyn. He was always the biggest fan of his wife, even before they were dating. 

He used to listen Madilyn's cover songs and originals. 

After their marriage, he always supports his wife and always listens to her music. 

James uploads most of the pictures on Instagram with his wife. He loves her so much. He still acts like a fanboy when Madily sings.

James Benrud with his wife Madilyn Bailey
James Benrud with his wife Madilyn Bailey   Source: Instagram

How did Madilyn Deal with her Haters

Madilyn started her journey on YouTube in 2010. Her content on YouTube was music. 

She used to sing cover songs and also post originals. During her YouTube journey, she had come across many inspiring and positive comments. 

She had also faced lots of hate comments. Those hate comments once bothered Madilyn, and she dealt it in such a cool and beautiful way. 

She made a whole song by combining all her hate comments, and that was a big slap on the face of haters in a fun way.

Madilyn Bailey on America's Got Talent

Madilyn is a famous musician on YouTube. She has 8.6 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. 

She is already so popular and was doing well in her life. Still, she decided to audition in the most-watched show of America AGT (Americas Got Talent) in July 2021

After performing her original song, she got a lot of appreciation from the audience and judges, which made her qualify for the next round. 

After she qualifies for the next stage, she will be performing live. 


James Benrud wife Madilyn Bailey
James Benrud wife Madilyn Bailey    Source: Instagram

Net Worth

James's net worth is unknown. His wife Madilyn net worth is $7.5 Million. Her source of income is professional YouTuber, singers, and songwriters.

Age, Height, and Weight

James is currently 29 years old. He has average height and weight.

About Wife Madilyn 

Madilyn was born on 2 September 1992 in Boyceville, Wisconsin, United States. She is the daughter of Heidi Wold and Gerg Wold.

Her full name is Madilyn Bailey Wold. 

She is a professional YouTuber, singer, and songwriter with 8.6 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. 

She is one of the five children of their parents. She was schooled at home before she went to high school. 

Her father taught him to write songs and was fully supportive. She was a nursing assistant before she was into music. 

She has sung a lot of songs, including cover songs and originals. She is currently competing in America's Got Talent, and she is optimistic about it.

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