Who Is James Davies? Ex-Husband Of Sonia Kruger

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Who Is James Davies? Ex-Husband Of Sonia Kruger

James Davies is the ex-husband of Sonia Kruger, an Australian television presenter. He is a British Banker.

The Reason Behind Sonia And James' Divorce

Sonia was married to James, who is an English Banker

They got married in 2002, but their marriage didn’t go well. They divorced in 2009 after six years of marriage. 

They didn’t have kids together, and their separation was due to the difficulties of managing their high-profile careers. 

Sonia’s busy schedule and her challenges, like her father’s health issues, caused problems in their relationship, and that played a massive role in the divorce. 

After the divorce, Sonia moved forward with her career in the entertainment industry. 

James Davies and his ex-wife, Sonia Kruger.
James Davies and his ex-wife, Sonia Kruger. Source: Pinterest

Sonia Love Life

Sonia and Craig have been together for 12 years

They first worked together, and after Sonia left her job, they became a couple. 

They had many challenges at the beginning, and now they work for Seven Network but have separate offices. 

They have a daughter named Maggie, and they adopted a dog. 

They are not married yet, but they have hinted that they might get married soon. 


James's ex-wife Sonia was born on August 28, 1965, in Toowoomba, Australia. She is 58 years old as of 2023

Net worth

As an Australian TV personality, James's ex-wife Sonia Kruger’s net worth is about $8 million.

The Rumor Of Sonia Being Pregnant Is False

Sonia was rumored to be pregnant because of some photos photographers took at an event. 

People started talking about it on social media. 

Sonia went on a radio show called KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O Show to say she is not pregnant. 

She explained that the pictures might be misleading because of how they were taken or even changed. 

On the radio show, Kyle and Jackie talked about the situation

The picture made Sonia look pregnant because of the dress. 

Sonia made a joke about maybe having a gluten intolerance and said she was not pregnant/ then Kyle asked her to show her stomach on the radio, and she did, proving that she doesn't have a baby bump. The rumors probably started because people misunderstood the pictures. 

Sonia has a daughter named Maggie with her partner Craig McPherson

They had Maggie in 2015 through IVF, and Sonia used an egg donor for the pregnancy. 

James Davies's ex-wife, Sonia Kruger.
James Davies's ex-wife, Sonia Kruger. Source: Instagram

Sonia Loves Hosting The Voice Australia

Sonia talked about being a host and a mom. She is a host of the reality show The Voice Australia

She remembered fun moments like hanging out with Bruno Mars and a playful water fight between Guy Sebastian and Kelly Rowland

She liked the new coach, Guy Sebastian, for being unfiltered and enjoying George and Kent's playful side

Sonia loves the show but knows it needs fresh ideas. 

She accidentally played a role in Delta Goodrem and Darren McMullen’s split, which she shared as a story. 

She shared funny stories like falling on stage during live shows. 

She mentioned that working with colleagues like Richard Wilkins makes the job enjoyable. 

Sonia talked about checking out outfits on the Logies red carpet and liking the Met Gala

She thought about being a travel agent if not on TV. They talked about forgiveness and politics

Sonia mentioned not liking someone but hinted that she might forgive them deep down. 

She made a joke about using a spell book to harm her enemy, but it is unclear if she meant it seriously. 

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