Who Is James Donald McConaughey? Father Of Matthew McConaughey

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Who Is James Donald McConaughey? Father Of Matthew McConaughey

James Donald McConaughey is the late father of actor Matthew McConaughey. He used to run an oil pipe business.

Mary Kathleen was his wife. He died while making love to his wife due to a heart attack. 

James Donald McConaughey's wife Mary Kathleen
James Donald McConaughey's wife Mary Kathleen Source: Instagram

Is Matthew Married?

Matthew is happily married to Camila Alves. They met each other back in 2006 at an event. 

They have been together ever since. They were blessed with two children before getting married. 

After being together for six years, Matthew finally proposed to her on Christmas

They exchanged their wedding vows as husband and wife in 2013. They had a very beautiful and lavish wedding. 

Many celebrities from the industry attended their wedding, but the main highlight was two kids whose son was the ring bearer, and their daughter was a flower girl at their wedding. 

After getting hitched, they welcomed their third child. Matthew is very faithful toward his wife. 

Family Of Matthew McConaughey.
Family Of Matthew McConaughey. Source: Instagram

Camila is a very supportive wife. 

They love spending time with each other, going on vacation even joining in outdoor shooting with Matthew.

How Did Matthew Meet His Wife?

Matthew met Camila for the first time in a club in 2006. When he saw her for the first time, he was immediately attracted to her.

Alves was with her friends at the club. Matthew took a step and invited her and her friends to have drinks with him. 

At that time, she did not recognize him because of his appearance. He had a long beard and was all covered up. 

So she couldn't recognize him at first sight. 

Later she recognized him and thought she needed to escape him. 

Their meeting was not so special, but the thing that happened after that was very filmy and romantic. 

Camila didn't have a car, and she could not go home at night. 

Being a gentleman, Matthew invited her to his house. Alves spent the night in his guest house alone. 

In an interview, Matthew admitted that he tried to sneak into her room several times. 

The next morning he found Camila eating with his friends and housekeeper. 

Then he drove her back to her house. At that time, Matthew realized that she was the one for him.


His son Matthew is 52 years old. He is 6 feet tall. He weighs around 82 kg.

Net Worth

His son's net worth is estimated at a whopping $160 million

He has managed to earn this fortune from his acting career.

He has earned chunks from Lincoln car commercials. He also has a partnership with a whisky brand.

James Donald McConaughey's son Matthew McConaughey
James Donald McConaughey's son Matthew McConaughey. Source: Instagram

Camila Kicked Matthew Out Of The House

Camila kicked him out of the house in the desert for 52 days.

In an interview with access, Camila admitted that she kicked him out of the house so that he could write a book on his own. 

She said she did not want to hear anything from him until and unless he did something with his book writing. 

It worked, and Matthew wrote a book named Greenlights.

She was very happy that he came back with an amazing story. 

She was proud of him. She even bragged about her husband's achievements.

Matthew Spoke About Victims Of The Mass Shooting At Robb Elementary School

Matthew called for action in the White House after the shooting in his hometown of Uvalde. 

He pleaded for lawmakers to act on gun reform. 

He got emotional speaking about the children who lost their lives during the shooting. 

He spoke on behalf of the grieving parents. He talked about the children who lost their lives, about their dreams. 

He asked for strict laws on who abuses their gun ownership. He also spoke for gun control measures.

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