Who Is James Madix? Father Of Ariana Madix

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Who Is James Madix? Father Of Ariana Madix

James Madix is the father of American TV personality, actress, and model Ariana Madix. 

Married Life Of James 

James was married to Tanya Karr Madix. They married in 1983 and shared two children, one son Jeremy and a daughter Ariana.

James's marriage with his wife Tanya didn’t last long, as Tanya filed for divorce. Their marriage ended in 1990.

James Madix's ex-wife and their daughter.
James Madix's ex-wife and their daughter. Source: Instagram

About Her Daughter Ariana

Ariana is a TV personality, bartender, actress, and model. She is well known for her appearance in her Reality TV show Vanderpump Rules.

She was born in 1985 and has her birthday on June 24. She grew up with her brother in Florida

James Madix with his daughter, Ariana Madix.
James Madix with his daughter, Ariana Madix. Source: Instagram

Is Ariana Married? 

Ariana is not married yet, but she has a boyfriend. Ariana is currently in a relationship with her new boyfriend, Daniel Wai.

They have been dating for a while now. 

Before Daniel, she was in a relationship with Tom Sandoval. They started dating in 2014, and after a decade-long relationship, they broke up as Tom was unfaithful to her. 

They broke up around March of 2023.

Ariana moved on with a new person quickly and has been very open about her new boyfriend as she went public about her new lovelife. 

She was seen kissing Daniel at the Coachella music festival for the very first time. 

She seems very happy with Daniel and plans to start a life with him.

Age And Net Worth 

His daughter Ariana is 37 years old. She has a net worth of $1 Million.

Children of James Madix.
Children of James Madix. Source: Instagram

Ariana Learned Many Things After The Breakup

Ariana was in a long relationship with her ex Tom Sandoval. They both were deeply in love, but everything got ruined after she got cheated on by her boyfriend. 

Loving someone for a decade and being heartbroken by the person was devastating for her. 

After her breakup with Tom, she felt heartbroken but did learn so many things. 

Therapy has been one of the most valuable things for her. Ariana said treatment always works for her, even in good times too. 

She also learned that asking for help is not bad, and she wants to suggest people who are having a hard time to ask for help or, whenever someone tries to help, take it. 

Ariana has always been problematic when asking for help and offering help.

Ariana Is Planning For Another Reality Show 

Ariana gave an interview on Anna and Hoda’s talk show where she talked about being back in another season of reality TV.

Ariana was part of the Vanderpump Rules reality TV show for a long time. 

She and her ex-partner were in the show, and her ex cheated on her with one of her co-stars, which made the show's finale full of heartbreak. 

Even after so much happened, Ariana said she wanted to be on the other Vanderpump Rules season. 

She will go if the showrunner asks for her in another season. 

Her reason for going back is to share her story with others. 

She struggled through a lot because of what happened between her and her ex Tom, so she wants to be accurate, connect with people, and be helpful.

Ariana Got Betrayed 

Ariana got into a relationship with Tom Sandoval in 2014, and they were one of the adored couples in Vanderpump Rules.

However, in March 2023, they parted their way, and it was all because of Tom.

Despite having a ten-year relationship with Ariana, he slept with Raquel Lavis, their co-star, and a friend. 

They had an affair for months which they kept hidden from Ariana

Tom himself agreed that he cheated on Ariana and even claimed that he also had slept with another woman while he was dating Ariana.

Ariana got betrayed by her friend and the love of her life, so she got separated from Tom.

Ariana Finally Got Out 

Ariana is now happily dating her new boyfriend, Daniel. Despite her new relationship and all those betrayals, she lived with her Tom Sandoval in the same house. 

The house they shared was worth $2 Million. She talked about moving out of that house and said she was talking with her agent to sell the house, which she shared with her ex. 

But now she has finally moved out of the house and shared the happy news on her account. 

On May 22, she was seen moving things out and seemed happy. She moved out of that house for her good.

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