Who Is James Ronald Winstead? Father Of Mary Elizabeth Winstead

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Who Is James Ronald Winstead? Father Of Mary Elizabeth Winstead

James Ronald Winstead is the father of American actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead. He is married to his wife, Betty Lou Knight

James Ronald Winstead's wife.
James Ronald Winstead's wife. Source: Facebook

They share five children. He is from Rocky Mount but later moved to Utah with his family. 

He is an American citizen by his nationality. 

About James's Daughter Mary

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is a professional actress. She is well known for his role play in the 2014 movie Kill the Messenger as Anna Simons

In 2023, she played in the TV series Ahsoka as Hera Syndulla. She was born to her parents in 1984 and has her birthday on November 28

She grew up with four siblings. 

Married Life Of Mary 

Mary is currently married to her husband, Ewan McGregor. She met Evan in 2017 on the set of the series Fargo

They started dating shortly after knowing each other. In 2021, they welcomed their first child, son Laurie. They got married in April 2022

Before Ewan, she was married to Riley Stearns, a filmmaker. Mary met Riley when she was just 18 years old. 

They met on an Ocean cruise. They got married in 2010 and were together until their divorce in 2017

James Ronald Winstead's daughter, Mary Elizabeth Winstead.
James Ronald Winstead's daughter, Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net Worth 

Mary is 38 years old. She has a net worth of $8 Million. Her source income is acting

Mary Has A Crush On Women

Mary was asked about her cinematic crush in an interview. 

She said she gets into intense moments every time she gets asked about her cinematic crush. 

She has a massive crush on women than men. She is straight, and despite this, she has a crush on actresses Gena Davis and Susan Sarandon. 

She doesn’t find any male actors to pick and has no idea why she has a crush on actresses other than actors. 

She watched Gena and Susan’s 1991 movie Thelma and Louise, and she just fell in love with them. 

Not only that, but she started liking everything they did. 

She picked one male actor, Michael Fassbinder’s name, because she found her highly charming in the movie Fish Tank.

Mary Finds The Sex Scene Unpleasant

Mary played in the series Brain Dead. In that movie, one of the characters imagines Mary having sex with Michael Moore

It was just in his imagination, but still, they had to do it. So they asked Michael and as Michael himself was a big fan of the show he immediately agreed. 

Mary said that she didn’t enjoy doing the scenes. She noted that e-sex scenes are not as fun and sexy as it looks on TV. 

It took them 2 hours to do the sex scenes. She got sweaty and found doing sex scenes very unpleasant. 

Mary Was Suggested To Drink Tea

Mary talked about her getting palm read in James Corden's show

She said that just a day before coming to the talk show, she went to do an herbal palm reading. 

She didn’t have to do anything there as she just sat down and a woman took her palm and started telling her things. 

The woman looking at her palm complimented her and told her a few things to make her life easy. 

After that, the lady told Mary that she had something that could make Mary’s palm look better, and she suggested she drink Marshmallow root tea. 

She had to pay that woman money for nothing, which made the interviewer feel ridiculed about Mary’s actions.

Mary Watched A Movie To Make Others Feel

Mary gave an interview to James Corden's late-night show, where she talked about her being a fan of Drew Barrymore

She has always loved Drew and her performance, and because of that, she has never missed any of her movies. 

She said that when she was growing up, he was a big fan of her movie Scream. 

She was very young, and among all her friends, she was the only one who was allowed by her parents to watch a murder mystery type of movie. 

Her friends couldn’t watch it, so I explained everything about the movie. 

She had a great experience watching that film and wanted her friends to feel the same thing that she felt. To do that, she watched the movie six times in the theater.

She memorized everything from top to bottom of the movie to make other people feel good.

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