Who Is James Tarkowski's WIfe? How Much Is His Net Worth?

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Who Is James Tarkowski's WIfe? How Much Is His Net Worth?

James Tarkowski is an English professional footballer. He currently plays for the club Everton in the position of Centre-back

He was born in Manchester, United Kingdom. His parents raised him in New Moston

He is an English citizen

Parents of James Tarkowski.
Parents of James Tarkowski. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

James doesn't have a wife. However, James does have someone special in his life. 

He is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend, Samantha John Stone. 

Looking at his social media, it's clear he has a child with her. 

They started dating in 2017.

He mentioned her and his child in one of the interviews. 

James Tarkowski with his girlfriend.
James Tarkowski with his girlfriend. Source: Instagram


James is 29 years old. His height is 1.85 m. 

Net Worth 

The net worth James is 12 million euros. His source of income is playing football players.

James Tarkowski during the match.
James Tarkowski during the match. Source: Instagram

James Considers His Family A Big Part Of His Life

James was out in London at the age of 21. He never went far away from his home, family, and friends for a long time before that. 

When his family was with him, he didn’t care much about them and had no such kind of missing feeling. 

But after he was apart from his family, he missed being around them and their presence. 

But he was back in the northwest, joining the club Burnley. 

After that, he was close to and around his family and friends, and he felt alive again. 

He didn’t realize that his family was a big part of his life until he was apart from his family.

James Is A United Fan

James was born in Manchester, and his whole family resides there. 

His friends are also from the same place, and being in Manchester, a maximum of his friends are fans of United. 

His father is also one of the biggest fans of Manchester United, and so is James. 

James is in another club in the Premier League, and his father supports his team. 

But as Manchester United was the club they always have been supporting, they are more excited for the matches of Manchester United and get frustrated if the team loses. 

James revealed that his friends and family are always up to watch the match at the stadium. 

Only a few of his friends are Manchester City fans.

James Wanted To Get Close To His Mother 

James lived four hours away from his house while playing for Burnley

But he realized that he was too far from his family as he couldn’t frequently go to visit his mother, who was ill. 

His mother suffered from an incurable disease then, and he wanted to stay as close as possible to his family. 

He didn’t attend some important matches even though he was selected for the squad because of his mother’s illness. 

He then apologized to the club and fans and expressed his situation. 

He then revealed that he wanted to move to another club close to his mom’s and dad’s house so that he could be closer to them and take care of them when needed. 

James Revealed His Reasons For Choosing Everton

James left Burnley to move to another club, so many clubs approached him. 

But he chose to join Everton and explained why he chose the club. 

He expressed that the manager saw his talent and ability to play, which fit the team and its improvement. 

When James talked to the manager, he felt he would be fruitful and happily welcomed into the team, so it was a good decision for him to join the club.

Moreover, the fans of Everton were also really pleasing as they supported the club in the worst situation. 

This made James join the club.

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