Who Is Jamie Coley? Husband Of Jennie Gow

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Who Is Jamie Coley? Husband Of Jennie Gow

Jamie Coley is the husband of journalist and broadcaster Jennie Gow, the presenter on BBC Sports covering of MotoGP motorcycle racing. 

They got married in 2012. They share a daughter, Isabella Coley. He was a Sky Sports F1 video producer from 2014 to 2018

Family of Jamie Coley.
Family of Jamie Coley. Source: Instagram

Wife Had A Stroke 

On December 29, Jennie suffered a stroke triggered by a bad cough. Her stroke was fatal, as per her family statement. 

She was rushed to the hospital, and he spent New Year's Eve there. 

She was not able to move or speak because of a stroke. She returned to duty, reporting on the Dutch Grand Prix after six months.

Jamie Coley with his wife, Jennie Gow.
Jamie Coley with his wife, Jennie Gow. Source: Instagram


His wife, Jennie, is 46 years old

Net Worth

His wife, Jennie's net worth is $1 million. She has managed to earn this fortune from her career as a journalist and TV presenter. 

Jennie Talked About Deadly Experience With Stroke

At the age of 45, Jennie experienced a stroke. She revealed that she spent a few months moving or walking and even more time just speaking. 

She shared that she started getting sick after Christmas

She had a bad cough and collapsed in the bathroom, and her husband found her.

Her husband said he was trying to talk to her, but she didn't respond and said it was one of the worst moments of his life. 

She was treated at the local hospital. Viral cough, a rare case, caused the stroke. 

She shared that the stroke affected the right side of her body and her speech. 

She said she tried to write words on the whiteboard, but none made sense. 

She revealed she could utter something with the help of one nurse who pushed her to get angry and asked her to find her voice. 

She was in therapy for months. She revealed she had lost the sense of taste. 

She said she gets tired quickly but is getting her voice back and can say words correctly. 

Jennie Thanked Her Husband For His Support During The Tough Time

Through Twitter, Jennie revealed that she suffered a fatal stroke, which has affected her communication skills. 

She thanked the medical team, friends, and family who helped her get through that. 

She shared that her husband was helping her type things that she wanted to say. 

She added without her husband, she wouldn't have been able to make it.

Gow First Appearance After Her Stroke

In July 2023, Gow appeared as a guest of the sport at an F1 race at the British Grand Prix

Gow was off from her duty as she struggled with her communication skills after the stroke. 

She is doing well now and even interviewed Lewis Hamilton for 5 Live. She is hopeful that she will soon be back to broadcasting. 

Her husband will be by her side to support her. 

She said that she is unsure if her husband was ready to see her work again, but he thinks she must try it. 

Even though the racing sport business is competitive, F1 has been a friendly place, and she has worked with them for 12 years. 

She shared that she still finds some difficulty finding exact words and is continuously struggling in her head. 

She said she had some gaps in her speech which was not there before. 

She shared that she has spent months improving her speech and will return soon on the radio. She added she missed her work a lot.

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