Jamie Thomson

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Jamie Thomson

Jamie Thomson is the father of an English actress and model, Lily James. Lily was born in Esher, Surrey, to an actress mother and musician father. 

She is the middle child. She has one younger and one older brother. She was in a relationship with actor Matt Smith.

Married to actress Ninette Mantle

James, who is known as Jamie, is a musician and actor. He is the son of an American actress, Helen Horton.

He was married to actress Ninette Thomson. The couple welcomed three children, one daughter, and two sons.  

Lily was born in Esher, Surrey, on April 5, 1989. She is the daughter of actress Ninette Thomson and her father Jamie Thomson, a musician.

She is the middle child. Lily has two brothers, younger one Sam and elder one Charlie

Jamie Thomson's kids Sam Thomson, Charlie Thomson and Lily James
Jamie Thomson's kids Sam Thomson, Charlie Thomson, and Lily James. Source: Instagram

Famous parents

Lily's paternal grandmother is an American actress, Helen Horton. Her father, Jamie, is a musician and also an actor. Her mother, Ninette, is also an actress.

Minister in the RAF

Lily's grandfather was a minister in the RAF. At the age of 20 or 21, back in 2010, she graduated from Guildhall school of music and drama in London.  

After graduating, she signed with Tavistock wood management.

Five years relationship 

In the set of "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies," Lily started dating her co-star Matt Smith. According to some sources, the couple was spotted together several times.

But the couple broke up back in 2019 after dating for long five years.

Rumors of hook up

Back in 2018, Lily was rumored to have hooked up with a Scottish actor Richard Madden

At the time, Lily was still in an on-and-off relationship with her then-partner, Matt Smith

As we all know, Richard was the prince charming in the Disney film Cinderella. Fans believed that there was strong chemistry between the actors. 

Net worth and earnings 

Jamie's net worth is unknown, while his daughter Lily's net worth is $8 million, which she earned through her career as a musician and actor. 

Age, height, and weight 

Jamie died at the age of fifty-four. He died of cancer back in 2008.

Died from Cancer 

Back in 2008, Lily's father died from cancer.

As for her stage name, Lily took her father's first name. After learning that there was already an actress named Lily Thomson

Jamie Thomson with his daughter Lily James
Jamie Thomson with his daughter Lily James. Source: Instagram

Overcoming her insecurities 

Jamie's daughter Lily gave an interview to Harper's Bazaar UK where she talked about how she struggled with judgments, insecurities and confidence. 

Lily started her talks by comparing herself with her character which she played in the movie Rebecca. Her character is a confident, open, and freedom-loving girl. She feels that the movie was the best movie she had ever did. But she is the opposite in her real life.  

She has always been that type of woman who is uncontrollable, and that's what she feels that all women should be. Rebecca is a kind of woman who broke all the rules, did everything that she liked, and loved herself. 

But Lily had been through that phase of life where she was unconfident about herself. She was even judged. She said that judgments and criticism are the things that everybody faces, and if taken positively and try to overcome it, that becomes helpful to grow, but if it's taken negatively, then it can be very damaging to one going through it. 

Lily is still in the learning phase, and she is developing herself in a better way. For now, others' opinions about hers don't matter to her because she thinks what matters is how she feels and thinks about herself. 

She wants to make her ready to face any consequence in her life because she doesn't want to keep herself in that place where she needs to get afraid of anything. She makes a mistake and tries to learn from it. 

She feels good when she is around her friend, and she doesn't put herself anywhere where she feels insecure about herself. She said that self-criticizing is very dangerous as it keeps us in a place where we cannot accept ourselves.

To know in detail, do check the whole interview 

Lady Rose

Lily played Poppy on the series "Secret Diary of a Call Girl" back in 2011

Then she landed the character Lady Rose in the series Downton Abbey. In the fourth and fifth series of the show, Lady Rose became the main character. 

Live-action Cinderella

In the 2015 live-action Disney film Cinderella, Lily played the main lead Cinderella

For the movie, she was photographed by an American portrait photographer Annie Leidovitz as Cinderella

In her interview after the film, she opened how much she was happy for getting the role after a long audition.

Glass slipper doesn't fit

As in the story of Cinderella, there is a pair of glass slippers that only fit Cinderella's feet. And the prince searches for the girl in whose feet the shoe fit.

Lily in an interview said that the glass slipper doesn't fit on the foot because it was made of Crystal.

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