Who Is Jana Navratilova? Sister Of Martina Navratilova

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Who Is Jana Navratilova? Sister Of Martina Navratilova

Jana Navratilova is the younger sister of former professional player Martina Navratilova

Jana was born to her mom Jana Navratilova and dad, Mirek Subert.

She was born in Prague, Czechia. She has one sibling named Martina. She is a Czech citizen. 

Jana Navratilova's sister and mother.
Jana Navratilova's sister and mother. Source: Yahoo

About Jana's Sister Martina 

Martina is a former professional tennis player who is well known for being one the best tennis player in the world. 

She was born to her mom and dad in Prague, Czechia. She was raised by her stepdad Miroslav Navratil, so she took her stepdad's surname.  

Married Life Of Martina 

Martina is currently married to her wife, Julia Lemigova. They tied the knot back in 2014. 

Martina met Julia for the very first time in a gay bar. They both dated each other for nine years before getting engaged.

Martina proposed to Julia in 2014, and they married the same year. As of 2023, they are happily living together. 

Martina Navratilova with her wife, Julia Lemigova.
Martina Navratilova with her wife, Julia Lemigova. Source: Instagram

Who Had Martina Dated?

Martina was previously in a relationship with Judy Nelson. They started their affair in 1984 and were together for seven years. 

Martina and Judy met at a tournament, and when they met, Judy was already married and had children with her husband. 

They ended their long-time affair in 1991. Before getting into a relationship with Judy, Martina also had a physical relationship with Rita Mae Brown.

Age And Net Worth 

Her sister Martina is 66 years old. She has a net worth of $25 Million. Her source of income is tennis players. 

Jana Navratilova's sister, Martina Navratilova.
Jana Navratilova's sister, Martina Navratilova. Source: Instagram

Martina Suffered Cancer For Two Times

Martina was commentating on one of the tennis matches when she found out that her lymph nodes were swollen and enlarged. 

So she immediately consulted the respective doctor. On a proper diagnosis, it was found that shad throat cancercer. 

She was also diagnosed with breast cancer on the proper check-up of the illness. 

Fortunately, the doctors revealed that she was in the early stage of cancer and sait she would be treated soon. 

But it was not the first time she hahad cancerer. Back in 2010 as well, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

A tumour was found on her breath part, which was removed through surgery, and she also went from radiation treatment to fully cure cancer.

Martina Has The Blood Of A Tennis Player

Martina is a living tennis legend as she has achieved the highest success that few tennis players can reach in a lifetime. 

But she is not the only one in her family to play tennis professionally. 

Her grandmother was also a professional tennis player for Czechoslovakian Federation

So she used to always play with the wooden racket of her grandmother hitting the ball on the wall. 

So, she always had a thing for tennis. Moreover, her stepfather was also a tennis coach. And he was the first coach of Martina. 

Martina Had To Pay Her Partner

Martina gained her US citizenship in 1981, and after a little time gaining the citizenship, she said publicly that she was a lesbian. 

She also dated Judy Nelson shortly after coming out as a lesbian. 

They dated each other for a total of seven years. But in 1991, they broke up on bad terms. 

They yelled at each other and had a bad fight. With the end of their relationship, Martina had to pay some palimony to her partner. 

Fortunately, Martina found love again soon.

Martina Is A Long Time Activist 

Martina might be a great player or, say, the best of all time, but as a person as well, she is one of the best in this world. 

She has always fought for the right thing in her life, being fearless to anyone. 

She has always spoken for the lesbian and gay community aen became their role model. 

Although she lost much money on the movement, she never stopped speaking for the third gender. 

Moreover, she has also spoken against racism, gun control, and immigration control. 

She has always been the voice of the unheard. She has always used her popularity and fame for a great cause, and to date, she has continued her work as an activist. 

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