Who Is Jane Etta Pitt? Mother Of Brad Pitt

by Manisha Fri May 12 2023 Updated On Sun May 28 2023
Who Is Jane Etta Pitt? Mother Of Brad Pitt

Jane Etta Pitt is the mother of Oscar-winning actor and producer Brad Pitt. She is married to William Alvin Pitt

They share three kids, Doug Pitt, Julie Pitt Neal, and Brad. They live in Springfield. Missouri.

She worked as a school counselor, and her husband owned a trucking company.

Jane Etta Pitt with her husband.
Jane Etta Pitt with her husband. Source: Pinterest

Who Is Brad Pitt's Girlfriend?

Brad was spotted with Ines De Ramon at the concert in November 2022.

According to sources, they met each other through a mutual friend. Ines is a jewelry professional. 

She is an ex-wife of Vampire Diaries fame actor Paul Wesley. On Brad's 59th birthday, she was seen coming out of his car in Hollywood.

The reports of them dating each other started, as some reported that they were just friends and casually seeing each other. In contrast, other sources said they secretly had a romantic relationship for months. 

The conflict came to an end on New Year's Eve. They went on a vacation to Cabo

They were seen hanging out in the poolside together on their trip. There are rumors that they are excited about where things are heading and are loving each other's company. 

However, Bard and Ines have not officially confirmed their relationship. 

Jane Etta Pitt's son Brad Pitt.
Jane Etta Pitt's son Brad Pitt. Source: Pinterest


Her son Brad is 59 years old

Net Worth

Her son Brad's net worth is estimated to be $400 million.

Brad Had His First Kiss When He Was In Fourth Grade

Brad revealed that he had his first kiss in fourth grade

He said her name was Lisa, and he kissed her in her garage. He added they both planned to do it. 

As per their plan, they kissed, but the aftermath was nerve-wracking. Brad said it was too much for him to handle, so he returned home.

Brad Talked About His Parents

Brad said that parents are the Universe and God for every kid. However, he added that it would take a lifetime to understand their role as parents and realize it after becoming a parent themselves. 

He shared that his father always told him that he would do everything he had to give a better life to him, as his father came from extreme poverty. 

That motivated him to work hard and give more than he had to his kids. 

Brad Talked About His Addiction And Loneliness

In an exclusive interview with GQ, Brad talked about his alcohol addiction. 

After separating from his ex-wife Angelina Jolie, he got addicted to drinking for six years

He spent one and a half years on his sobriety journey. Finally, Pitt revealed that Bradley Copper helped him to quit alcohol.

During the pandemic, he even quit smoking. He shared he always felt alone when he was a kid and all his life. As a result, he suffered from low-grade depression. 

Brad Opened Up About His Separation From Angelina Jolie

Brad and Angelina were one of the most glamorous talked-about couples in Hollywood.

They met in 2003 and tied the knot in 2014 in France. They share three kids. 

In 2016 Jolie filed for divorce. He was accused of physically hurting their adopted kid Maddox during a flight, but authorities later cleared him. 

Brad said living in his LA house was tough, so he spent most of the time with his family in that house.

He also went to therapy. Brad kept himself far away from the spotlight with some rare appearances. 

He preferred to focus on creating something in his upcoming movies. They agreed to protect their kids and be together as a family. 

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