Who Is Janea Clemens? Mother Of Adelaide Clemens

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Janea Clemens is the mother of Australian actress Adelaide Clemens. She is a cardiac nurse professionally. 

She is married to her husband, Mark Clemans. She shares three children with her husband. 

She is an Australian citizen by her nationality. 

Janea Clemens with her husband.
Janea Clemens with her husband. Source: Instagram

About Janea's Daughter Adelaide 

Adelaide is a professional actress well known for her lead role portrayal as Tawney Talbot in the series Rectify.

She was born to her parents in 1989 and had her birthday on 30 Nov.

She grew up with her two brothers, Sebastian and Felix.

Who Is Adelaide Married? 

Adelaide isn't married yet, nor is she dating anyone now. Adelaide has managed to keep her love life away from the spotlight, so it's also unknown about her past dating life.

Janea Clemens's daughter Adelaide Clemens.
Janea Clemens's daughter Adelaide Clemens. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth

Her daughter Adelaide is 33 years old. She has a net worth of $4 Million

Excitement For The Movie

In an interview, Adelaide talked about and shared her experience in the movie The Swearing Jar

She played the character of Carey in the movie and was thrilled to be part of the movie. 

She revealed that she was immediately attracted to the movie after she read the script. 

It was an excellent experience for her, and the whole movie and the story excited her even more. 

To play her character Carey, viewing the whole story through that attitude essence was necessary. 

The movie and story was more than she expected and was completely different than she thought. 

She felt that many people could relate to the movie.

Adelaide Enjoyed Doing Stunts

Adelaide played in the Silent Hill movie as  Heather Mason. It was a horror mystery movie that involved lots of monsters, demons and others.

Adelaide and her co-star revealed in the interview that the creatures shown in the movie were not animated. 

The movie's director MJ Bassett was against using CGI, so the cast members had to go through prosthetics and wear the customs. 

They had to shoot a lot in the cold temperature, which was challenging, but they managed it anyhow. 

Adelaide personally enjoyed all those things and loved doing the physical stunts. 

She got wounded many times while doing her physical stunts, but she found it fun.

Adelaide Loves Halloween

Adelaide and her co-star gave an interview to BlackTree TV where they talked about Halloween

She is originally Australian but moved to the United States long ago to pursue her acting career. 

Halloween has always been a big thing in the United States, and people celebrate and enjoy it a lot. 

Since Adelaide has been living in the States for a long time, she started enjoying Halloween

She loves people dressing up and going door to door for trick-or-treat things. 

She also revealed that she loves licorice candy, her favorite Halloween candy. On the other hand, her co-star is not much of a fan of Halloween.

Playing Lesbian Character 

Adelaide played in the drama film To The Stars as Hazel. The film was all about gay people trying to hide their identity.

Adelaide opened up that she got called for that movie at the very last moment like other actors, and when she read the script, she got fascinated by the Hazel character. 

She liked the character and knew that there were many untold things about the character. 

She learned that Hazel had gone through lots of pain and struggles, and was a lesbian, Adelaide herself had to research many things. 

She talked to her friends and journalists about LGBTQ so that she could learn and know more.

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