Who Is Janet Condra? Ex-Wife Of Larry Bird

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Janet Condra is the ex-wife of former NBA player, coach, and executive Larry Bird. Janet and Larry were childhood sweethearts. 

They had known each other for a very long time before marriage. 

When he met his wife, Larry was a young and promising basketball player at Indiana University. Janet also attended the same college. 

The couple tied the knot in 1975. But their marriage lasted for a short period. They got separated in 1976. The couple shares a daughter, Corrie Bird.

Janet Condra with her ex-husband, Larry Bird.
Janet Condra with her ex-husband, Larry Bird. Source: Pinterest

Is Larry Married?

After his split from his first wife, Larry met his now-wife, Dinah Mattingly. They met each other in the early 1980s and started dating each other from then. 

The two exchanged wedding vows in 1989 and have been married ever since. The couple adopted two kids. 

Larry Bird with his wife.
Larry Bird with his wife. Source: Pinterest


Larry is 66 years old. He is 6 feet 9 inches tall. He weighs around 66 kg

Net Worth

Larry's net worth is estimated to be $75 million.

 Janet Condra's daughter.
Janet Condra's daughter. Source: Pinterest

Twitter Bird Is Named After Larry

Twitter has the logo of a bird, and most people are still unaware of the Bird's name. 

The Bird has a name which is named after the famous basketball personality Larry Bird

The co-founder of Twitter is also from Boston, which is the place where Larry is from. 

He grew up watching Larry play for the Boston Celtics in the NBA, and to mark his contribution to the game, he got inspired to name the logo after him. 

Interestingly, Larry is not on Twitter. 

Magic Johnson And Larry Talked About Their Rivalry

Larry played for the Boston Celtics, and Magic Johnson played for the Los Angeles Lakers

The Hall of Famers were considered the most prominent rivals at that time. 

The journalist assumed that their rivalry was so appealing and drew attention to the faltering scope of the NBA. 

Their contrast caught the attention of many fans. 

The Boston Celtics and Lakers game is still the highest-rated game in NCCA history because the two were playing against each other. 

Magic said that in this era, there won't be any rivalry like theirs. 

He said that though they couldn’t run as fast and jump as high as today's NBA players, they loved competing against each other. 

The hunger to compete made them better players. Larry said that he loved competing against him. 

Larry Talked About His Experience In Boston Celtics

Larry joined Boston Celtic in 1972, and he played till 1992. Larry played for Indiana State before joining the Celtics

He grew up in Boston and attended a small school there. He said that joining the Celtics was his most extensive experience. 

He said that Boston Celtics was a perfect fit for him, and to be able to play for it made his dream come true. 

Larry Talked About Playing In High School

Larry attends a small school in Indiana. He said that he attended one of the smallest schools in Indiana.

He said it was a big deal to play against a big school then. 

He joked that he dreamt of playing against big teams in school, and sadly, he couldn’t achieve that.

Larry Was A Big Star In High School

Larry said that he came from a town of 2000 people, and everyone knew who he was at that time. 

He said he never asked anyone if they recognized him, but he was sure they knew him.

He said he played many games and averaged 16 assists in high school. He said his team in high school was pretty good. 

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