Who Is Janice Ginsburg Miller? Wife Of Steve Miller

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Who Is Janice Ginsburg Miller? Wife Of Steve Miller

Janice Ginsburg Miller is the wife of Steve Miller. Her husband is a musician and founder of the Steve Miller Band

She is a music publisher and audio-visual producer

She met Steve during the early 2010s, and at that time, she was working for him. 

They started dating each other and eventually got married. They do not have children together.

Janice Ginsburg Miller with her husband, Steve Miller.
Janice Ginsburg Miller and her husband, Steve Miller. Source: Pinterest

Steve Talked About Hit Song The Joker

The Joker is a song by Steve Miller Band from their album, which released a single in 1973

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, he said he had never imagined it would be a hit song. 

He shared that he finished that record in 15 days and said that song was the song he liked. 

He shared that he had given that song to a record company, and one of his kids in that company told him that the music had a good tune. 

At that time, he told that kid that he was going on the 60-city tour and wanted to have that record played while he was touring. 

He went to Florida, and after this tour was over, he returned, and the song was number one all over the place. 

The Joker was his first-ever hit record. 


Her husband, Steve, is 80 years old

Net Worth

Her husband, Steve, has an estimated net worth of $60 million.

Janice Ginsburg Miller's husband, Steve Miller.
Janice Ginsburg Miller's husband, Steve Miller. Source: Pinterest

Steve Doesn't Know What Pompatus Of Love Means

There is a line called pompatus of love in his hit song, The Joker

In an interview, he revealed he just made up the phrase. 

He said he misunderstood the term pompatus and just made up that work. 

He shared that for many years, he got letters from people asking what pompatus of love meant. 

He said he had no answer to that question. 

Steve Remembered His First Gig 

Steve had his first gig when he was in high school. He said he always loved playing music. 

He said he was 12 when he first started his musical journey in a band. 

He said back in 1956, there were no rock and roll bands. 

He shared that he had a friend in seventh grade who had been learning to play drums since he was five and was good at it. 

They made their little band, and Boz Scaggs was also in their band. 

He shared they made multiple copies of the letter and sent it to all the fraternities and groups in SMU in Dallas

They even sent it to churches, country clubs, and all the places with live music in Dallas

But they did not mention how old they were. They only told them they were a rock band. 

He said within three weeks, he had his band book for an entire school year. 

He added that they used to have their gigs on Friday nights. They used to get 125 dollars per night. 

He said they all used to wear Rayban sunglasses to look older. He said they used to play blues and rhythm. 

He said the first song he ever did was Gangster Love when he was 11.

Steve Thought That He Was Going To Be A Writer

Steve shared that he took creative writing in comparative literature in college as he thought he would be a writer, journalist, or teacher

After spending six months in Copenhagen, he returned and talked to his student advisor, where he saw 30-year-old guys arguing, and he was so done with those things. 

Then he went to Chicago, where everyone played blues, and he knew that he could do something in the music business. 

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