Janis Danner

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Janis Danner

Janis Danner is a model and Instagram influencer. He is signed with KULT Model Agency. He was born in Augsburg, Germany

Janis before modeling 

He is currently a successful model who has worked with many famous brands, but before this, he used to play soccer for FC Augsburg II, which is the affiliate club of FC Augsburg.

He was born and raised in Augsburg, Germany. His birthday is September 6, 1994, which makes his birth sign Virgo.

Janis, a fitness and travel enthusiast 

He has posted many pictures and videos of him working and grinding for that perfect model body. 

He also shows his fans the different techniques he uses at the gym. 

He works out 6-7 days a week, and he's very dedicated to keeping his body looking its best. 

He is also a travel enthusiast; he has posted many pictures of him traveling to different cities and countries where he is usually spending his time surfing, swimming, boating, and playing with animals. 

He has visited Bali, Portugal, Australia, Paris.

He says his favorite place so far is Capetown, a city in South Africa and that the city has his heart.

Janis welcomes home a little member 

Janis Danner With His Dog
Janis Danner With His Dog Source: Instagram

He posted this picture with his new dog Balu in September 2019

He says that he is pleased to welcome the little fellow who is now part of his family. 

He seems to love dogs and all other animals. 

He has posted many pictures of him traveling to different countries/places and showing his love for the different animals. 

He said his dream came true when he got to hug an elephant in the forest. 

Other than this, he has posted different pictures with animals like kangaroo, koalas, dogs, cheetah and said he had a great experience with them. 

Janis dating a model

Janis Danner With Girlfriend Jessica De Oliveira
Janis Danner With Girlfriend Jessica De Oliveira Source: Instagram

He is currently dating Jessica De Oliveira, who is also a model and Instagram influencer. 

She has 163k followers on Instagram. This fashion duo seems to be hitting it off which each other. 

They both seem to take a lot of vacations together and keep on posting their throwbacks to places worldwide. 

Couples very much in love celebrate the new year together 

Janis Danner Kissing Girlfriend Jessica
Janis Danner Kissing Girlfriend Jessica Source: Instagram

Jessica posted a very wholesome video of her and her boyfriend celebrating 2021 together. 

He has fallen deeply in love with his beautiful girlfriend Jessica, who also embraces Janis with pure love. 

This hot couple definitely will start a family together someday!

Janis and Jessica working together as models. 

Adorable Couple
Adorable Couple Source: Instagram

Girlfriend Jessica posted this picture of her and Janis in October 2020, where they both modeled for a clothing company, "Canada goose."

This talented and good looking couple not only are true lovers but are sometimes professional partners as well! 

Jessica says that their hearts are warm because of the love they share. 

An adorable couple helps each other "glow"!

Romantic Moment
Romantic Moment Source: Instagram

This adorable picture was posted in September 2020 during the pandemic. 

This couple spent a lot of time together and got their hearts closer. 

They are both into the skin and self-care and are putting on a face mask and enjoying their time together, not only glowing individually but glowing as a couple.

His Tattoo 

He has a tattoo around his arm that says, "Health is better than wealth."

Net worth and income sources 

His net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million.

This is based on the average earnings of famous german models. 

His income sources are modeling and social media (Instagram ). He earns $2,561.25 - $4,268.75per post on Instagram. 

net worth $1.5 million
income sources modeling, Instagram influencer 
income per post on instagram$2,561.25 - $4,268.75

Age, weight, and height 

  1. He is 26 years old
  2. He is 1.90 meters ( 6 feet 2 inches).
  3. He weighs around 170 pounds (an assumption based on his height and body). 

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