Who Is Janita Mae Killam? Daughter Of Cobie Smulders

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Janita Mae Killam is the daughter of Canadian actress Cobie Smulders. Her father, Taran Killam, is an actor, comedian, writer, and producer

She has an older sister, Shaelyn Cado. Janita was born in 2015. Her parents had ensured that their kids are far away from public eyes and media attention.

Married life 

Cobie is happily married to Taran Killam. They met when they were 22 years old at their mutual friend's birthday party. 

They have been together ever since. They got engaged in 2008. They tied the knot in 2012 at California's upscale Alisal Guest Ranch

They share two children. They are dedicated parents and manage their professional and personal life perfectly. 

They said that they prioritize their kids over their work.

Parents of Janita Mae Killam.
Parents of Janita Mae Killam. Source: Instagram


Janita is eight years old.

Net Worth

Janita's mother's net worth is estimated to be $25 million

Cobie Broke Her Elbow While Imitating Alicia Silverstone

Cobie broke her elbow while she was copying karate moves from Alicia Silverstone

She shared that she was a huge fan of Alicia Silverstone in school. She found her to be the coolest kid ever. 

She told about one video where Alicia was the main star, and she went on a journey after she broke up with her partner, and one guy stole her purse. During that, she karate kicked him. 

She loved her some much that she recreated that scene in her basement. She especially loved the karate kick part. 

She tried that kick with a punching bag. When she kicked that bag, she fell and broke her elbow. 

She was in seventh grade then and didn’t want to attend school with a cast on her hand, so she hid her injury from her parents. 

After a couple of hours, she told her mother about her broken elbow as it was painful. Although she lied that she hurt herself while skateboarding. 

Cobie Talked About How She Transform Herself Into Ann Coulter

Code played Ann Coulter in the drama series Impeachment: American Crime Story. 

She shot about six episodes. She nailed her role. In an interview, she said she studied Ann to prepare for the role. 

Since Ann has written many books and has audio versions of her books, too, Code listened to all those books. 

She also watched a lot of her interviews. 

She found that Ann doesn’t open her mouth too much and shows she is more intelligent than everyone else in the room.

Cobie Didn’t Know About Her Role In Spiderman Movie

Code didn’t know she was playing an Alien in a Spiderman movie. She didn’t know about the entire time she was shooting. 

Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, told about the twist a week before. He said to her that she was playing an alien throughout the movie. 

She said she was left in tears when she learned about it. She said it was very intimidating. 

She joked that they made her alien after they were done with the movie and were editing it. 

Cobie Loves Tom Cruise Cake

Tom Cruise sends cake during holiday time if you can make it to his list. She was lucky to receive a white coconut cake. 

She said that cake was so tasty that it lasted on her fridge until March. She added she is not a big fan of sweet things but loved eating that cake. 

She said she ate that cake slowly every day. 

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