Who Is Jasper Coverdale? Son Of David Coverdale

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Who Is Jasper Coverdale? Son Of David Coverdale

Jasper Coverdale is the son of David Coverdale, a singer and lead vocalist of Whitesnake.

Jasper's parents are David and Cindy Barker.

Jasper Coverdale with his parents.
Jasper Coverdale with his parents. Source: Instagram

Father Married Three Times To Date

David has been married thrice till now. He first married Julia Borkowski in 1974

They had a daughter named Jessica in 1978. After that, he got married to Tawny Kitaen in 1989

She was famous for appearing in Whitesnake’s music videos. But later, they got divorced in 1991

After that, he married Cindy Barker in 1997. She is his current wife. She is also an author. And they have a son named Jasper

He has two kids from two different women.

Jasper Coverdale with his mom.
Jasper Coverdale with his mom. Source: Instagram

David's Second Wife, Tawny Kitaen, Passed Away 

David talked about his feelings after his ex-wife, Tawny Kitaen, died. They were once married and had a close relationship. 

Tawny appeared in some of Whitesnake's popular music videos, and her beauty helped the band get more attention and fans. 

Tawny Kitaen sadly passed away in 2021 because of a heart condition. David was surprised and sad when he heard the news. 

He mentioned that he has lost many people he cared about, but he knows he needs to keep moving forward; he said Tawny was linked to Whitesnake and MTV, and her beauty made people notice the music. 

People saw her in the videos and realized the songs were good. 

David didn’t expect her death that soon. They didn't share any children.


Jasper was born in 1996. He is 27 years old as of 2023.

Net Worth

David's net worth is about 18 Million Dollars.

David's Former Bandmate Passed Away

David shared his sadness and memories with Bernie Marsden

Bernie was a guitarist known for being part of bands like Whitesnake, UFO, and Deep Purple

He passed away at the age of 72. He was passionate about making music and creating new songs until the end. 

Many musicians, including his former bandmates, have shared their sadness and concern. 

David was in Whitesnake with him, and he said Bernie was a funny and talented person. He was honored to know and perform with him. 

David Likes Marvel Comics

David talked about his funny stories about meeting famous people. 

In one story, he said he met John Wayne in a bar and asked for his mom's autograph.

John was amazing, and he gave David an autograph, too. 

And in another story, David went to a fancy dinner, and he didn’t know how to eat an artichoke. 

He tried, but it was tricky, so he threw it away. These stories made him laugh and remember his time with famous people. 

David also talked about his past. He said he used to write poems and songs about love when he was young. 

He feels a connection to Dublin and enjoys songs about Irish rebellions

He remembers working at a store and being good at selling things. He also likes Marvel Comics, especially Spider-Man. 

Reading them helped him learn about important things happening in society. 

David likes old Marvel comics and the artists who made them, like Stanley Stevie Ditko and Jack Kirby

He went to art school, which helped him become good at looking at pictures and designs. 

He also tells a funny story about a tour where his bandmates played jokes on him involving Scandinavian p*rn. 

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