Who Is Javier Caso ? Brother Of Ana de Armas

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Who Is Javier Caso ? Brother Of Ana de Armas

Javier Caso is the brother of Cuban Spanish actress Ana de Armas

He is the son of Ana Caso and Ramon de Armas. He has a one and only sister, Ana

Javier himself is an expert New York photographer. He is a Cuban citizen by his nationality. 

Javier Caso's sister, Ana de Armas and father, Ramon de Armas.
Javier Caso's sister, Ana de Armas and father, Ramon de Armas. Source: Instagram

Relationship Status Of Sister

Back in 2011, Ana got married to Marc Clotet

They started dating a year before their marriage, and after two years of marriage, they divorced. 

She got engaged to Franklin Latt in 2015 but sadly, they separated a year later. 

She dated actor Ben Affleck for a year. As of now, she is in a relationship with Paul Boukadakis.

Javier Caso's sister, Ana de Armas.
Javier Caso's sister, Ana de Armas. Source: Instagram


His sister Ana is 34 years old

Net Worth 

The net worth of Ana is $6 Million. Her source of income is acting.

Javier Caso's mom, Ana Caso sister, Ana de Armas.
Javier Caso's mom, Ana Caso sister, Ana de Armas. Source: Instagram

Went School With A Stranger 

Ana started her acting career when she was very young. 

She joined drama school at 14, and in her second year, she got a chance to play in a movie. 

She went for the audition and got the role, but when her teachers from drama school knew about her playing in a movie, they told her they would kick Ana out of school if she played. 

She took it as a great chance and did the movie, but her teachers made her repeat the same year as she went against them. 

Ana also said she went to her school with someone she didn't know. It was like a free carpool for her. 

She was at the stop light, and she went near a stranger's car and asked that person to drop her at school.

Ana Never Had Candies

In an interview with James, Ana opened up about the biggest change she faced when she moved from Cuba to Spain

Ana was born and raised by her parents in Cuba, and when she was 18 years old, she decided to move to Spain.

After moving to Spain, Ana got very overwhelmed with Candies. 

She said that when she was in Cuba, she never had candies. 

She does love eating rice, chickens, and other stuff but had never tasted candies. 

When she was in Spain, she ate candies, donuts, and gummies. 

Not only this, but she also got amazed when she saw canned foods. When she was in Cuba, she did know about sardines. 

She got excited when she opened canned corn and thought she didn't have to cook for long hours and could easily get to eat.

Ana Didn't Know How To Speak English

Ana is originally from Cuba, but at the age of 18, she decided to move to Spain

There she made her acting career and showed her appearance in many movies. 

After that, in 2014, Ana took a great step and moved to LA

When she moved to LA, she didn’t know how to speak English.

She then decided to take an English class, and for that, she attended full courses in English for four months. 

She was not perfect, but she understood English and was able to communicate. 

After that, she took the role in the movie Knock Knock

While playing in that movie, she had no idea what she was saying. As of now, Ana has very good English.

Ana Almost Rejected A Movie 

Ana is well known for her role in "Knives Out." The movie was a great success, and many well-known superstars starred in the film. 

In one of the interviews, Ana said that she almost backed out of the movie. 

When she got that movie's script, she felt she wouldn't have many roles to do. So, she thought of not going up for the audition too. 

But later, when she read the whole script, she knew that the role that she would play was the central character and had a lot in it. 

That was when she decided to do the movie Knives Out.

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