Javier Manquillo

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Javier Manquillo

Javier Manquillo is a Spanish professional footballer. He is well known as the player of Newcastle United

He is the son of Miguel Manquillo. He has a twin brother named Victor. He is a Spanish citizen.

Relationship Status Of Javier Manquillo 

Javier keeps his love life private. It seems like he wants to keep his personal affairs away from the spotlight.

As he hasn't revealed his personal and love life, it is unknown whether the player is single or in a relationship. 

He is currently focusing on his career. His past relationship history is still under review. 

Javier, during his training
Javier, during his training  Source: Twitter 

About Javier Manquillo

Javier’s full name is Javier Manquillio Gaitan was born on 5 May 1994

His parents raised him with his twin brother in Madrid, Spain. He, along with his brother, played at an early age. 

He started his career in Real Madrid and then later moved to Atletico Madrid. As of now, he is playing for the club Newcastle United

He joined that club in 2017. He plays in right back position for the club. He is one of the talented players. 

He also plays for Spain's national team and has played U16, U17, U18, U19, U20 and U21. He is working hard to be the best in the profession.

Javier with his mate
Javier with his mate  Source: Instagram 


He is 27 years old. His height is 1.80m

Net Worth 

The net worth is Javier is $5 Million. His source of income is sports.

Manquillo Broke His Neck

Javier was playing for Atletico Madrid in 2014 against Real Madrid.

Both teams were from the same city and one of the biggest rivals of all time. Saying that it was, of course, a very important match. 

Javier was performing his best during the match, but he got injured. 

He jumped off to head the ball, but at the same time, Cristiano Ronaldo also paced up and jumped to head the ball. 

Cristiano Ronaldo's challenge was too hard on Javier. Javier fell and ended up in his neck. He had neck injury

Cristiano was given a yellow card. Javier was then admitted to the hospital for further examination, and his nerves seemed normal.

Manquillo Faced An Injury

Javier is part of Newcastle United. He is a key player, and his presence positively impacts every match. 

But in 2021, he missed some important matches that were worse for the team. He went through an ankle ligament injury. 

He was bed rested for a while along with his two teammates, they were also injured. 

All injured players were top players of the team, so their team faced worst time. 

The season of the team didn't go well. Their return was later proven fruitful to the team.

Javier Manquillo Broke Liverpool's TT Board

Javier was in Liverpool in 2015 as a loan player. He played in that club for some years. 

During the off match, he was playing table tennis with his teammates. He was playing against Jonathan Taylor

He became so excited and accidentally fell off on the table while playing table tennis. The table also crashing to the floor, and everyone laughed. 

That was a funny moment for him as well as for other teammates.

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