Jayden Siwa

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Jayden Siwa

Jayden Siwa is the older brother of an American dancer, singer, TV personality and actress Jojo Siwa

His father's name is Tom Siwa, who is a chiropractor. His mother, Jessalynn Lombard, is a professional dancer teacher

Jayden himself is a vlogger. He is an American citizen by his nationality.

Parents of Jayden Siwa
Parents of Jayden Siwa  Source: Pinterest

Dating And Girlfriend

Jayden is not married yet, but he is dating to a beautiful girl. His girlfriend's name is Abbie Crandall

They began dating in 2020, and they are still together. They both never miss flaunting their love on their respective social media. 

Their Instagram is full of their romantic moments.

They haven't said anything about their wedding plan yet.

Jayden Siwa with his girlfriend
Jayden Siwa with his girlfriend   Source: Instagram

Relationship Status Of Jojo Siwa 

Jojo was dating Mark Bontempo previously. Mark is a famous Tiktok star who makes Tiktok videos

They started dating in August 2020. Their relationship was very short as they dated for a couple of months only. 

In the same year, in November, they ended their relationship. 

She was also gossiped about dating Elliot Brown, a football player. But none of them agreed about it. 

As of 2021, Jojo is in a relationship with Kylie Prew. They both were best friends before dating each other. 

Jojo opened up that she is pansexual and has no problem with anyone's gender. 

They have been dating each other since a month ago and are very happy together. 

They revealed their relationship through their social media. 

They are spotted together in any place and seem like they enjoy their moment together. 

Jojo with her girlfriend Kylie
Jojo with her girlfriend Kylie  Source: Instagram 

About Jojo Siwa

Jojo's  full name is Joelle Joanie is an American actress, dancer and YouTube personality born on 19 May 2003.

Her parents raised her with her older brother. She started her career when she was too young. 

As a dancer, she took part in many dance shows. She is known for her appearance in Dance Moms with her mother, a dance instructor

She is famous among teens because of her dance, and she is too active on social media. 

She has earned a lot of fame at the young age of 18. In 2020 her name was added to the 100 most influential people in the world. 

Jayden Siwa with his sister Jojo
Jayden Siwa with his sister Jojo  Source: Instagram


His sister is 18 years old. 

Net worth 

The net worth of Jojo is $20 Million. Her source of income is dancer, singer, actress and YouTube personality

Her yearly income is estimated to be $3.5 Million per year

Jayden Siwa Disappointed His Fans

Jayden is a YouTuber and is well known to be the brother of famous dancer and actor Jojo Siwa.

Jayden has a YouTube channel, and his sister also joins him many times. 

In July of 2017, with her sister, Jayden decided to post a short video prank of people about their dad being hit by a car and being hospitalized. 

The video got a lot of views, and people believed them. Their fans started showing sympathy towards them until they knew the truth. 

After the video got so many views and their followers increased, they deleted it and said it was all a lie. 

Fans then criticized them a lot. They said sorry to their fans and did it for views. They consider Clickbait as a part to get views. 

Jojo Siwa Told Not To Use Her Product

Jojo was using her own brands' makeup set in June of 2019 when she found asbestos present in the makeup. 

She was shocked and immediately made a video of it. She posted it on her social media and warned everyone not to use it. 

After a week, the food and drugs department investigated the product and told them not to use it as it did contain asbestos, which was harmful to human beings.  

Jojo then made her effort and concluded with her partners to refund everybody who had not used or used the product after buying one. 

It might have been her product and could have kept quiet, but she was concerned about her name and her brand value more than money.

Is Jojo Siwa Straight By Sexuality?

Jojo revealed that she came out as a member of  LGBTQ community

After some months, she again came up with new news about her sexuality. She is a dating girl named Kylie Prew

Seeing this, people believe that she is part of the LGBTQ community, but Jojo herself doesn't know if she is part of the community. 

According to her, she might like the people of her gender, but she can also be attracted to any gender in existence. 

She likes telling people that she is gay or lesbian, but she considers pansexual. 

It is sexuality where a person feels physically and emotionally attracted to any gender.   

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