Jaylin Fletcher

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Jaylin Fletcher

Jaylin Fletcher is an American actor and model. He is the son of Liz and Mel Fletcher. He has three sisters and one brother. 

He is well known for his role in Snowpiercer. He is an American citizen by his nationality. 

He belongs to the African-American ethnicity. 

Relationship Status Of Jaylin Fletcher 

As of 2021, Jaylin is single. He prefers keeping his love life private. He hasn't opened about his private life. 

He has never been seen with any girl, nor has he posted anything about anyone on social media. 

He is enjoying his single life and currently focusing on his acting career. His past relationship is still under review. 

Family of Jaylin Fletcher
Family of Jaylin Fletcher   Source: Instagram

About Jaylin Fletcher

Jaylin was born on 20 June 2006. His parents raised him with his siblings. At the age of six, he began his modeling career. 

He earned a lot of public attention from his series Snowpiercer

As a model, he had done ads for many national televisions such as Nickelodeon, Oreo and PC Richards

He has made his appearance in many dramas. He had played his first movie in 2017

As of 2021, he is playing the role of Kai Brewer in the Netflix Crime series named Clickbait. 

Jaylin chilling in a bar
Jaylin chilling in a bar   Source: Instagram 

Age, Height, And Weight

Jaylin was born on 20 June 2007, and his current age is 15 years old. 

Jaylin has a height of six feet and two inches.

Net Worth

The net worth of Jaylin is estimated to be $50,000-$60,000. His source of income is acting and modeling. 

The weekly income of a young actress is $5,258 per week. 

Jaylin Is Always A Learner

Jaylin is a young actor who is gaining a lot of popularity. 

After his role in a new series named Clickbait, he is now being noticed worldwide. 

He was just six years old when he started modeling. Before that, he had worked in many series too. 

At this very young age, he already has many experiences with acting and modeling. 

Although he is good at acting and modeling, he never misses the chance of learning something new. 

He also learned important life lessons. He is still in the learning phase of his life. 

But as an actor, he knows how to express his emotion in acting. Because of that, his acting seems real. 

He already knows to make dreams come true in real life.

Jaylin Fletcher with his siblings'
Jaylin Fletcher with his siblings'   Source: Instagram

Jaylin Hates Blood Scenes 

In an interview, Jaylin was asked many things related to his movies and character. 

He had one of the major roles in the series Snowpiercer in which he had played the role of Miles. A movie inspired the series. 

The interviewer asked Jaylin if he had watched the original movie or read its graphic novel before shooting for the series. 

Jaylin answered that he did watch the original movie to learn from it. 

He didn't just watch it a couple of times but has watched more than five times. 

He liked the movie, but he had some problems digesting some scenes of the movie. 

The movie contained some violent scenes where the bloods are scattered and stuffs like that made him uncomfortable. 

Jaylin said he was not courageous enough to watch people cover in the blood, even if its just in a movie. 

He says blood scenes are not his type. But he liked the movie overall. 

Jaylin Was Not Always A Good Actor

Jaylin, in the current day, may have been known for his appreciable work as an actor. 

But it was not always the same for him. 

At a point in his life, he had many opportunities to do drama shows, but he wasn't confident about himself and was lacking behind as an actor. 

He couldn't get into the character and provide justice to the given role. 

Although he was so under-confident, he didn't give up and decided to take the help of his acting coach. 

He then learned how to get into the character and execute the role well. 

After that, he started getting better every day, understanding the character and doing justice to it.

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