Who Is Jeanine Robel? Stunning Girlfriend Of Anthony Edwards

by Manisha Wed Dec 20 2023 Updated On Thu Dec 21 2023
Who Is Jeanine Robel? Stunning Girlfriend Of Anthony Edwards

Jeanine Robel is the girlfriend of professional basketball player Anthony Edwards, who plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves of the National Basketball Association

She is an Instagram model and influencer. They have been dating each other since the beginning of 2023

They are not married, and she is not his wife yet.

Stunning Jeanine Robel.
Stunning Jeanine Robel. Source: Instagram

Jeanine Is Expecting Her First Child With Anthony

Through her Instagram, Jeanine revealed she was expecting her firstborn with Anthony. 

She posted multiple pictures of her flaunting her baby bump and shared the good news with the world. 

She also posted a picture of an ultrasound. Her comments were flooded with congratulations. 

Jeanine Robel's boyfriend, Anthony Edwards.
Jeanine Robel's boyfriend, Anthony Edwards. Source: Instagram


Her partner, Anthony, is 22 years old

Net Worth

Her partner, Anthony's net worth is estimated at $14 million

Anthony Doesn't Like Being Compared 

Patrick Beverley, a professional basketball guard, said that Anthony could be the next Michael Jorden.

When asked about him being compared to players like Michael Jordan, he said he wanted Pat to stop saying that because he felt he was still far from being on Michael's level. 

He said Michael was the greatest player ever in basketball, and he was not even close to him. 

He said he was just a basketball player, nowhere near Michael

But he was confident that Michael could not guard him.

Anthony Revealed The Best Player In The League

Anthony said he would rank himself as one of the best players in the league, but for number one, he would go for Nikola Jokic. 

He said Nikola dominated everyone in the playoff run. 

He said Nikola had played for the Lakers and Phoenix and went through every one. 

He said some players have done things in their careers, but Nikola is now the best. 

Anthony Shared His Celebratory Meal

Anthony has his chef. He loves everything his chef made for him. He has no complaints about his food. 

He said when he returns from his game, his food will be ready and spread out for him, but if he wants to eat something, he would ask him to make south food as he is from the South. 

He loves greens, cornbread, macaroni cheese, rice, and baked chicken. 

He said he cooks better breakfast than him.

Anthony Is A Nicki Minaj Fan

Anthony admitted he likes Nicki Minaj. He said he had not met her yet but would love to meet her. 

He said he likes her personality and sometimes her music, too. He said he respected her. 

Anthony Talked About His Bond With Lil Baby

Anthony shared that Lil Baby always texts him after great moments to show his love. 

He said Lil Baby is a hilarious person. He said they check on each other all the time. 

He shared that when he signed his contract, they met each other in Vegas and celebrated all night.

Anthony Is Okay Wearing Fake Chain

Anthony once said that rappers should wear multiple chains. 

When asked about a photo where he was seen wearing a bunch of chains, he revealed it was a fake chain. 

He said he had not worn the chain after that again. He said people think that he will wear the honest chain. 

He said he had his initial AE chain, which is accurate. He said he was wearing fake earrings, too. 

He added if it looked good, it was okay with him, even if it was fake.

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