Who Is Jeff Trout? Father Of Mike Trout

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Who Is Jeff Trout? Father Of Mike Trout

Jeff Trout is the father of the American baseball player Mike Trout. Jeff himself was a baseball player

He is an American citizen by his nationality.

Marriage And Children

Jeff is married to his wife, Debbie Trout. They have been married for over three decades and share three children. 

They have two sons named Mike and Taylor and a daughter named Teal.

Jeff Trout with his wife and son.
Jeff Trout with his wife and son. Source: Players Bio

About Jeff's Son Mike 

Mike is a professional baseball player. He plays for the Los Angeles Angels of Major League Baseball as a center fielder

He was born to his mom Debbie and dad, Jeff, in 1991. He has his birthday on 7 August

His parents raised him with his two siblings.

Is Mike Married? 

Mike is married to Jessica Cox. He met Jessica in high school, and they have been dating since then. 

Mike proposed to Jessica in 2016; a year later, they married. In 2020 they welcomed their son named, Beckham Aaron Trout.

Mike Trout with his wife.
Mike Trout with his wife. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Jeff is currently 62 years old.  His son has a net worth of $140 Million

Jeff Didn’t Coach His Son

Jeff is the high school baseball coach, and he has coached many kids who are the top players now in the league. 

But he revealed that he didn’t coach his son as much as he coached other kids. 

His son Mike is one of the top players in the League now, and Jeff is his father. People think he must have trained Mike hard, but it was never so. 

Mike had a natural baseball talent, unlike any other kid. He used to train himself on his own and always used to practice baseball. 

Jeff never had to focus, especially on his son. And all the choices that he made throughout his career were on his own.

Jeff also revealed that Mike knew what it took for him to reach the top. He understood the meaning of training, struggle, and hard work. 

That is why he is in the position many dreams of being on.

Mike Is The Best Player

Mike talked about his mindset in one of the interviews with the MBL Network, and he said that he has always had the mentality of being the best on the baseball pitch whenever and wherever he goes. 

He revealed that regardless of the number he makes and the games he wins, the only thing that runs while he is on the pitch is that he is the best player in the world. 

He, indeed, is one of the greatest. 

Whenever he sees himself being compared to the greatest in social media, he feels great about it. 

He also opened up that there are challenging times in the game when he played the worst, but he still believes he is the best and continues to play. 

Mike Enters With A Winning Mentality

Baseball is never a one-sided game. Most of the time, people are not lucky and have a bad match. 

But according to Mike, one should never enter into the pitch with the attitude of losing. 

Even if his team is having a bad game on the pitch, he still enters with the mindset and attitude of doing his best and winning. 

He believes that while entering the pitch, the first thing that makes the play better is the player's positivity within himself.  

Mike hence always prepares himself mentally before any good or bad game.

Mike Talked About Shohei Ohtani

Mike and Shohei Ohtani have been playing on the same team and are the best in their group. 

They are the deadliest player on the team and great friends too. 

They seem to learn many things from each other and are frequently seen talking to each other. 

When asked about Shohei, Mike said that he has a great gut. 

He described Shohei as the kind of guy who likes to work on a team and is always ready to talk. 

He likes to learn and speak more to his teammates about the game and planning. 

He is always a team player and likes to be around people and learn and inspire everyone around him.

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