Who Is Jeffrey Atkins Jr.? Son Of Ja Rule

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Who Is Jeffrey Atkins Jr.? Son Of Ja Rule

Jeffrey Atkins Jr. is the son of rapper and musician Jeffrey Bruce Atkins, professionally known as Ja Rule. He has two siblings, Jordan Atkins and Britney. He was born in 2000

He is also a musician like his father and goes by the stage name Sinnersdedx.

Married life

Ja is happily married to Aisha Atkins. They were high school sweethearts. They tied the knot in 2001

They are parents to their three kids. Aisha has been his support since the beginning of his career. 

She stood by him when many legal battles were going on against Ja

Ja had legal battles for carrying a loaded weapon, tax evasion, and multiple lawsuits against him from investors and ticket purchasers. 

Despite so much turmoil, their bond remained intact.

Parents of Jeffrey Atkins Jr.
Parents of Jeffrey Atkins Jr. Source: Instagram


Jeffrey is 24 years old.

Net Worth

His father Ja's net worth is estimated to be $4 million

He has earned this fortune from his career as a musician and rapper

Jeffrey Atkins Jr. and his siblings.
Jeffrey Atkins Jr. and his siblings. Source: Instagram

Ja Talked About His Voice

Ja's voice is very iconic, and it has influenced many people. 

In an interview, he said he didn’t realize his voice was that good until he started making music. 

He added when people heard his sound, they imagined him to be a big 6-foot-tall guy, but in reality, he was a little guy with a big voice. 

He said his voice didn’t change when he hit puberty. He stated he always had a deep voice right from the beginning. 

He said both his sons have deep voices. 

Ja Talked About Performing With Ashanti

Ja and Ashanti are still performing for the audience to date. They have been an iconic duo for a very long time. 

They have great chemistry on stage and on camera. 

He said even after 20 years, they still look the same, and that's why people still remember them.

They have four songs together.

How Is Ja Aging Backward?

Ja is in his late 40s but still looks young and fresh. He looks like he is at his son's age. 

When asked how he aged backward, he said he takes good care of himself. 

He said he was looking forward to getting his skin regimen done. He shared that he used face cleansers and face masks. 

Ja is fit and refined at age 47 and touring across the country. He said consistency is the key to everything. 

He said changes do not occur overnight; one must trust the process and keep going. 

He said one should also have a good diet. 

Ja Talked About ICONN

Ja has created his live-streaming app, nothing like other streaming apps. 

He said the app is the first of its kind, allowing artists to monetize their content. 

He is it is all about owning your content. He said he especially created the app for content creators.

Ja Went To Harvard Business School

Ja has a business degree from Harvard Business degree

He said he did Entrepreneurs Essentials, which helped him a lot.

He said he knew things, but learning something new from professors was refreshing. 

He said he learned about what people have gone through to set up their startups. 

He said people do not understand how hard it is to start a company. 

He said many things, like raising equity and scaling the company, are not easy tasks. 

He said that because of that, he was able to learn business, entrepreneurship, investment, and tech.

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