Who Is Jeffery Disick? Father Of Scott Disick

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Who Is Jeffery Disick? Father Of Scott Disick

Jeffrey Disick is the late father of an American media personality and socialite, Scott Disick. He was married to the late Bonnie Disick

He and his wife had only one son named Scott. He died at the age of 63

He was an American citizen.

Jeffrey Disick's wife Bonnie Disick
Jeffrey Disick's wife Bonnie Disick Source: Ok Magazine

Married Life Of Jeffrey's Son Scott

Scott was previously in a relationship with Kourtney Kardashian. They started dating back in 2005

They stayed as a couple for a decade and later broke up in 2015

They didn't tie the knot but are parents of three amazing children, two sons and a daughter. 

After that, he dated Sofia Richie for 3 years and then got split. He also dated Amelia Hamlin

Jeffrey Disick's grandsons'
Jeffrey Disick's grandsons' Source: Instagram

Criticized For Dating Younger Girl

Back in 2017, Scott was in a relationship with Sofia. She was 15 years junior to Scott

Because of their huge age gap, people backlashed them. 

Their age gap were highly criticized by people. They broke up in 2020.

Jeffrey Disick's son Jeffrey Disick
Jeffrey Disick's son Jeffrey Disick  Source: Instagram


Jeffrey was born on 10 February 1950 and died on 3 January 2014 at the age of 63.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Scott is $45 Million. He accumulated his wealth from being a media personality and a socialite.

Close With Kardashian's Family

Scott and Kourtney Kardashian were together for a decade. Scott made his own bonding with Kourtney's mom and sister. 

He opened up that no matter what happens or happened between him and Kourtney, he will always be with Kardashians

He loves meeting them and spending time with them, and he wishes he could see Kourtney's mom and sister on a daily basis. 

In the video, Kardashian shows up in a boat with Scott and told them that they wanted to go boating with him, and they had fun doing that. 

Not only Scott, Kourtney's mom and sisters also love meeting Scott. He has some good bonding with Kardashian family.

Jealous Of A Life Guard

While Scott was dating Kourtney, Scott and Kourtney's whole family, along with their kids, were enjoying family time together. 

Kourtney hired a lifeguard for their children so that the guard could keep a watch on them and they could enjoy their time. 

The guard that Kourtney hired was really good-looking. 

When the guard took off his shirt and was applying lotion on his body, Kourtney's sister and her mom were stunned by looking at his abs, and all the ladies present over there got quite impressed by his overall look. 

But Scott was not happy with the guard. He looked at the guard and said that the lifeguard doesn't look like that. 

He was jealous of his body and said that the guard seems like he spends his much time in the gym. 

He was not liking the ladies giving more attention to the guard.

Cheated On His Ex-Partner 

While Scott was with Kourtney, he was invited by Kourtney's family to the vacation in Costa Rican

He brought another woman in there and kept her in a hotel. 

He lived in the Ornate Villa with the Kardashian family, and he kept his side chick in a hotel that was down the road from their villa so that he could have sex with that woman after leaving the villa. 

But he got caught, and after getting caught, he put all blame on Kourtney, saying that he did all because of Kourtney.

He said that Kourtney doesn't let him have sex with her, and that's why he tried to get it from other women. 

Scott Disick with his ex-partner Kourtney Kardashian and their children
Scott Disick with his ex-partner Kourtney Kardashian and their children  Source: Instagram

Hospitalized Due To Drinking 

Kourtney and Scott were once partying with the Kardashian's family, and there Kourtney and Scott got in some argument with each other. 

Ongoing that argument Kourtney left that place with her children while Scott remained there drinking alcohol. 

He then met his father and went to a night club and he drank excessive alcohol which led him to reach the hospital. 

He said that he was secretly drugged by someone at that party. He was diagnosed with alcohol poisoning in the hospital.

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