Who Is Jennie Fimmel? Mother Of Travis Fimmel

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Jennie Fimmel is the mother of Australian actor and former model Travis Fimmel.

Her husband's name is Chris Fimmel. She is a former recreation officer by her profession. 

She has three children, including Travis. She is an Australian citizen.

Married Life Of Travis

Travis is not married yet. However, he had dated many famous faces back then. 

He was in a relationship with Nicole Appleton in 1999. They dated for a short time, and after that, they broke up. 

In 2007 he dated Mei Melancon for a year. 

He dated Jessica Miller and Rachel Hunger, and many other actresses. As of 2022, he is single. 

Jennie Fimmel's son, Travis Fimmel.
Jennie Fimmel's son, Travis Fimmel. Source: Instagram


Her son Travis is 42 years old

Net Worth 

Her son Travis has a net worth of $13 Million

Sad Losing His Son 

Travis is well known for his appearance in the famous series Vikings as Regnar

He has role-played his character so well that people loved him to see on screen. 

In one interview, Travis talked about his series and shared his experience working on the series. 

In one of the seasons, he has to kill his co-star Gabriel, and he is really sad about that. 

He was not ready to say goodbye to Gabriel’s character as he enjoyed working with him. 

He opened up about the scene where Travis, Gabriel, and other actors were shown in front of tables full of food. 

They had to take many shots of that scene, and till they completed it, they all were full. 

Travis's character, Regnar, also loses his son, which affects him badly. 

In that series, he does have many sons because he wanted many sons. His one son's death affects him badly.

Does Travis Want His Own Farm? 

Everyone knows Travis as a great actor, but many people might not know he was a farm boy. 

Before starting his career as an actor, he used to work on his farm with his parents. 

He loved and enjoyed doing farm work. 

His farmer parents raised him in Australia, and when he was a teenager, he never thought he would be this successful as an actor. 

At that age, he thought he would be a farmer and work on the farm. 

But as time passed, Travis left his house to pursue a modeling and acting career. 

That move was worth it, as he got a chance to work in many movies and series. 

He is now a successful actor, and now that he has enough money, he wants to return to his hometown and buy his own farm.

Travis Loves Animals

His parents raised Travis in Australia, and there is no doubt that he is a great actor. 

Besides that, as he grew up on a farm playing and enjoying, he has immense love for animals. 

In one of the interviews, when Travis was asked about his new movie “Lean on Pete, a movie based on animals and kids, he shared that he was really lucky enough that he got a chance to work with an amazing crew member and a child actor. 

In his new movie, a kid and his connection with his horse are shown. 

Travis said that he would choose animals if he had to choose between working with child actors or animals. 

Travis himself has a couple of horses and a dog. He loves his animals, but sadly his dog doesn’t like him.

Playing A Socially Introverted Character 

Travis played a role in the movie named Warcraft

In that movie, he was seen playing the role of Maggie, a pickle entrepreneur. 

He explained his character, saying that his character Maggie is a person who doesn’t feel okay being social. 

While he role-played that character, he felt great, and the whole team he worked with was great, and it was an experience for him. 

He said that his character is extremely talented, but he is a little bit awkward when it comes to being social. 

Maggie enjoys his own personal space and personal company, but when it comes to being social, he is just weird at it.

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