Jennifer Belle Saget- Tragedy Of Bob Saget Daughter

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Jennifer Belle Saget- Tragedy Of Bob Saget Daughter

Jennifer Belle Saget is the daughter of the late American stand-up comedian, actor, and television host Bob Saget.

Her mother is Sherri Kramer. She is an artist by her profession. She has two elder sisters, Lara Melanie Saget, and Aubrey Saget

She is an American citizen

Jennifer Belle Saget with her father and siblings.
Jennifer Belle Saget with her father and siblings. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Jennifer 

Jennifer is not married yet. She has kept herself away from the spotlight, so no personal information about her is disclosed. 

About Jennifer's Dad, Bob 

Bob is a late comedian, actor, and TV host, known for his portrayal in the ABC sitcom Full House as Danny Tanner

Besides that, he has shown his appearance in many series and movies. His birth name was Robert Lane Saget

He was born in the year 1965 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He died on January 9, 2022

Married Life Of Bob 

Bob had been married two times. His first marriage was with Sherri Kramer. They tied the knot back in the year 1982

Parents of Jennifer Belle Saget.
Parents of Jennifer Belle Saget. Source: Pinterest

Sherri and Bob are the parents of three children. 

Their first daughter Aubrey was born in 1987, their second daughter Lara was born in 1989, and their youngest daughter Jennifer was born in 1992

When their youngest daughter was five years old, Bob and Sherri divorced. 

Bob's second marriage was with Kelly Rizzo. They married in 2018

Before getting married, they tow dated for two years. But sadly, their marriage didn't last long, as Bob died in 2022.

Bob Thought Would Never Fall In Love

Bob's first marriage with Sherri ended after 15 years, and after that divorce, Bob was hopeless and thought he would never fall for someone again. 

As he lost his motivation to find love, he focused on his work only. 

He was concentrated on comedy, but his thought of never falling in love changed when he met Kelly Rizzo

He found her amazing and started dating her shortly after they met.

Age And Net Worth 

She was born in the year 1992 and is currently 29 years old. Her father, Bob, had a net worth of $50 Million

Jennifer Belle Saget's sister, Lara Melanie Saget.
Jennifer Belle Saget's sister, Lara Melanie Saget. Source: Instagram

Jennifer Lost Her Father

Jennifer is best known to be the daughter of the millionaire actor Bob

But she can no longer be or talk to her father as he passed away in February of 2022. Her father, Bob, was out for a stand-up comedy in Florida

He stayed in the hotel where he was found dead. 

From what his family said on the investigation, the comedian and actor died because of something striking his head. 

There were no signs of attacks, so his head trauma was stated because of his head strike. 

The hotel management reached out to the police and authorities after the actor failed to get out of the room. 

Bob was also not drunk or drugged. It was stated as a pure accident.

Jennifer Almost Lost Her Mother

Jennifer’s mother, Kramer, was almost at the peak of losing her life when Jennifer was not even born. 

Jennifer’s mother, Kramer, had her first child in 1987. On the delivery of her first child, there were some complexities in the natural birth. 

So she went through the C-section instead. But during the operation, Kramer’s epidural was misplaced. 

Her medicine went to her bloodstream, and her brain started to stop functioning. The nurse reported that her brain was not responding at all. 

Fortunately, after a week inside the hospital, she was treated well by the doctors and safely returned to her house with a healthy baby.

Bob Couldn't Continue His Passion Of Being A Doctor

Before Bob went to a Film School University, he was a great fan of doctors. He was passionate about becoming one. 

He always wanted to serve the people around him. But his destiny took him to become an actor

One of his teachers recognized his talent, and his teacher suggested joining the film university and persuading the course he was good at. 

Fortunately for him, his Hollywood career was a blast. But even after his success, he didn’t leave his passion for helping others. 

He couldn’t be a doctor, but what he could do was help the needy. His sister died of Scleroderma, and he was very close to his sister. 

So on her memory, Bob started a foundation to help fight the disease and find its treatment. 

With his own $13 Million, he reached out to find a lot of funds for the cause.

Bob Was Made Fun Of

In 2008, a Comedy Central roast of Bob was held, and many new comedians came up to roast the all-time best Bob

But the roast game turned a bit more out of line as Bob’s sexuality and many other personal things came into the line. 

The comedians made fun of his controversy and linked him with drugs and murders. He was blamed in the name of a joke. 

But the whole concept of the show was to tell lies in a greatly offensive way with no truth. 

Hence, Bob didn’t take the jokes seriously on himself.

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